Julia’s Prison Caning – WILDAFRICACANING

6 Sep

F/f; time: 24 minutes

Another inscrutably mixed up storyline from WAF. ‘Julia’ apparently is some sort of inspector, assigned to visit remote South African prisons and observe corporal punishment. And, similar to this storyline at FIRMHAND and elsewhere, girls doing this line of work tend to get sucked into the machinery.

The redoubtable ‘Darlene’ plays the warden at the first prison Julia visits. She shows Julia the wicked caning device we have seen before–a kneeling pad for the victim, and bars out at 90  degrees for the arms. The prisoner kneels, bends all the way forward, and her arms are fastened out wide at her sides. All bottom. Julia tries out the position . Goodness, she is not wearing any panties on her workday.

FADE. A naked female prisoner fails in trying to complete a blowjob with a guy. The acting is terrible, and the meaning of this scene is incomprehensible. Darlene spikes Julia’s tea, accuses her of drunkenness, and, right there in the prison, is able to sentence her to a caning. Another naked prisoner, implausibly wearing only knee boots, fastens Julia into the caning device.

Skirt up again, still no panties. 10 strokes of the cane. When she is released, she has gotten naked somehow. CUT to another caning, this time over a horse. Longer here, 20 + strokes with repeats, some of them nasty-wild. This girl is now wearing knee boots. Is it Julia? The other naked prisoner arrives and spreads lotion.


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