Paddled, Pleasured, Purged – SHADOWLANE

6 Sep

M/f; year: 2012; time: 53 minutes

Another sexual therapy theme. The title says it. SHADOWLANE was good at these anal shows. Someone, maybe Eve Howard herself, has a touch of a fetish in that direction. ‘Dr. Ramsey’ greets ‘Madison Young’  in the examination room. Madison has already been spanked by a ‘Miss Howard’ in the clinic. On the gurney, he checks her bottom and sees a  few spots  that need filling in. You check your panties at the door in this place.

The doctor helps himself to her boobs as she kneels on the gurney. Enema equipment is in the background. He gives her an especially dramatic frig then prepares for the enema. Rubber gloves, fingers into her bottom. He first uses a long blue plunger, in and out, more than needed. Then a blue squeeze bulb, and bigger and bigger nozzles. The doctor is all too willing to help Madison get naked.

Now the dildo. Madison gets into the diaper position. This dildo is unusual, a big lexan dong with a handle to manipulate it. It is so big she can only take three-quarters of it, but that is more than enough. She takes over the handle, and since this diaper position is so convenient, the doctor also inserts another enema bulb.

Over onto her knees, we’ll go to that red enema bag visible hanging on the trolley. Long white nozzle. Kneeling, bottom up, head down. Slow perfect insertion. Not the medically correct posture, but the one we want for a CP film. More spanking and frigging after the doctor has squeezed the last out of the red bag. Madison is allowed to scamper to the bathroom.

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