Seat of Learning – Strictmor – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

6 Sep


A long series of schoolgirl spanking from SARAHGREGORY, old fashioned and mild, if your preference is welts and wheals.

I (4:31): Strictmor Academy seems to be a remedial school where promising girls are sent for two weeks if they are failing at their respective colleges. A good idea, taxpayer funded? The scene opens with 8 girls reporting to the academy and being greeted by 4 female staffers, one of whom is Dana Specht. The set is a country mansion. No dialogue. ‘Sarah Gregory’ herself is overdubbing a narration.

The girls are sent upstairs to their rooms to put on school uniforms laid out for them. They have been required to report with their hair braided into pigtails. Ms. Gregory is of course mining all the ‘schoolie’ fetish here. Maybe this film is of special F/f interest.

Cut to a large and authentic classroom, where the lecturing has begun, here by Ms. Specht. The girls wear blouses, ties, kilt, knee socks, and maryjanes. Sarah narrates that the girls are shocked to hear that “bare bottom spanking” is used to maintain order.

II (20 minutes) A flashback. Seven girls sit at the dinner and contemplate their situation–they are interned in a school where spanking is used to settle things. The girls will go around the table and recall their own spanking experiences, which are then recreated.

‘Mary’  gets the hairbrush from her mother, hobbled by her downed panties as she tries to move around. ‘Charlotte,’ blond pigtails, has been caught smoking again and gets the hairbrush upstairs. Her mother goes further- she is naked in the bathtub, her mouth is soaped, and she gets the slipper on a wet bottom.

‘Anthea’ lifted some money from the church collection plate, was seen by the vicar’s wife, and is spanked at home with a hairbrush by Specht. ‘Judith’ blond pigtails. Has been cursing. She must put on a spanking outfit of camisole and full white panties for the hairbrush. ‘Sharn,’  a deadly brunette, stayed out too late and she too puts on the punishment outfit for an OTK spanking. And the narrator, ‘Sarah Gregory,’ gets an OTK spanking from Dana.

III (12:30) Back to Specht’s history class, of the American Civil War, it proceeds. No spankings yet, but there are a lot of pretty bottoms on the hard seats. The cute pigtailed girls squirm. Cut to bedrooms of the house. The girls can hear staffer ‘Mrs. Cooper’ is scolding her daughter ‘Jennifer’ (Bianca Rose), another staffer is being rude. Since that’s what happens here, Jennifer too has to put on the schoolgirl outfit like the guests, to be spanked. She gets a standard bare bottom OTK spanking, kicking and screaming.

IV (13:58) Back to the history class. Specht catches two girls passing notes, so it is time for the first spanking in front of the class. Brunettes ‘Anthea’  and ‘Lynn’ are called forward. They must strip to camisoles and regulation bottle green knickers. They get their thighs slapped (no model likes this) and are spanked bare bottom OTK. Specht has pulled the girls’ panties down ever so slowly, and there are extensive and unusual frontals throughout the scene. So we know who is buying these films.

V (9:05) Part of the classroom orientation explaining the use of spankings, includes the procedure that the girls spanked during the day would receive a second spanking at bedtime.

Anthea and Lynn report to another staffer, ‘Miss Drower,’ in her office. The girls wear the spanking uniform of camisole and full white panties. Drower pulls down the girls’  panties,  very slowly and carefully. Hands on head. Pants at their thighs, the girls are marched up the mansion staircase, the camera dutifully following their undulating buttocks CP film style. The girls get a firm but conventional OTK slipper spanking.

VI (21:25) Back to the classroom. Mrs. Cooper, who we saw spank her daughter with no compunction, is back teaching. Two students, “Sarah Gregory’ herself and ‘Sharn’ (Ami Murray), are called back in front of the class. They also strip to undies and get the same embarrassing spankings in front of the class.

We see their nighttime follow-up, bottoms up the palatial staircase to their rooms. Drower  loves to tell the girls they’ll be sleeping on their stomachs tonight. At bedtime the girls hear Jennifer getting yet another spanking from her mother, here with a hairbrush on the thighs as well as the bottom. We assume here that this is a form of sedative for Mrs. Cooper.



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