Uppitt at Work

6 Sep

M/f; time: 17 minutes

We don’t have the title for this odd and overtly pornographic film, worth your time for the presence of senior citizen ‘Jack Uppitt,’ spanker of many young things in his films, which occasionally conclude with some desperate sex to stop the spanking. He keeps his pants on here but still does his CP. He wears a shirt and tie. He has two tarty girls in an office–they are failed porn stars or strippers or some such, and maybe he is management. Not important.

Behind a black curtain at the opposite end of the room are about six guys with their cocks sticking out of holes, glory holes, in various states of erection. We’ve been amused by various playful versions of this peephole theme, and this is a good one, in that it is so naughty. We guess size matters for this particular casting call. So does endurance.

The guys will entertain and stroke themselves as they watch Jack strip, spank, paddle, and cane the girls in various ways.

The girls goes to the curtain to encourage and tend to the collection of penises. The goal must be six orgasms for the girls to be allowed to go. Spanking the bare bottoms helps. We do get two money shots, one would imagine the director was hoping for more, but so be it. Some hilarity, for the girls, and some enthusiastic work. But more action needed, never enough time.

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