Doctor’s Specialty – REDBOARD

11 Sep

M/f; Time: 37 minutes

A woman reports to an Asian doctor. Looks like this will be one of those reversion therapy sessions, where a good spanking, performed by a knowledgeable physician, will do the trick.

The set is silly but on-budget, just a few chairs on an empty set,very NUWEST. We can hope the spanking will meet that standard. The girl complains to the doctor, she daydreams about people “touching my bottom.”  He will give her the spanking experience she craves.

He has one of those unique little spanking trestles on wheels, a knee-high device with a kneeling pad and a pad to lean forward and rest the chest, positioning the bottom in the most salacious way. This naughty accoutrement was surely built for doggy sex.

He begins with a Spencer paddle on her dress “Do they ever spank you in these dreams?” He whacks her thighs, and harder, making her jump.  Next a flogger, on tight white panties, dress up. panties down, attention to thighs, down the legs. Naughty doctor.

A crop next, she steps out of her panties. Various postions, this doctor is a nasty guy. OTK for a flogger! The doctor  looks like he could cum. The erotic spanking will work its way through API.e of implements.


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