Tennis Bums – SHADOWLANE

11 Sep

2M/2f; time: 1 hr 2  minutes; year: 2005

The British always liked to associate tennis players and spanking. After all, all those cute white pleated skirts and powerful buttocks and thighs resulting from running sports.

‘Traci Greer’ and ‘Keith Jones’ play husband and wife. She has become bored with her tennis club and gone ahead and joined a second club, still more expensive. Keith will spank her for that, in her tennis dress. And she’d better get a job. Standard mild SL spanking, very nice lace tennis panties.

Another couple, ‘Miranda Fay’ and ‘Steve Fuller.’ Steve owns the club and Miranda wants him to give Traci some free lessons because she sort of coerced Traci into joining. We can imagine Steve would like to give Traci at least some kind of instruction.

FADE. The lesson was scheduled, but Traci and Miranda sipped pina coladas through the time. Steve marches both girls off the veranda into the club, where he will spank them both, apparently without fear of interruption.

Traci and Miranda get slightly silly OTK spankings. The best moment comes when their bare bottoms decorate the arms of  a couch.

FADE. Miranda has been sent to apologize to Keith. He’ll get his money’s worth and go after HER bottom. Another standard spanking.

No frontals or other nudity here, but in many cases  SHADOWLANE is not so shy about that.



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