14 Sep

F/fm; time: 11 minutes

A short film, maybe a fragment from another video, or simply a self-contained vignette from the archives. Worth a moment.

‘Joanne Jameson’ is whipping a male and female on the barren sound stage. Typical colorful and rudimentary NUWEST. We’ve tried to say before–despite vastly improved production values, equipment, cast, histrionic storylines, no producer ever achieved, for us, the raw eroticism we find here.

First, Joanne is whipping a blonde, naked, strung up. She’s got a full scale untended pubic bush, to note the era. Next Joanne whips a naked male, whose face we will never see. Joanne is wearing a tight dress with a very short skirt. Very nice. She is built for it.

In a larger shot,  we see both the naked male and female, as Joanne slashes from bottom to bottom. Joanne has stripped to just pale blue bra and panties, and heels of course. So easy to watch.



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