Merchant of Venice – WELLSMACKED

14 Sep


Very British; three schoolgirls queue at the headmistress’ door, one of those favored scenes where the skin on the girls’ bottoms should already be tingling. They knock, ‘Theresa’ is called in first, and is confronted by the Head and a second woman holding a cane. It seems Theresa plagiarized an essay on ‘Merchant of Venice’ from a few years ago.

Such copying merits palm slaps, then “six strokesĀ  of the cane on the bare.” After the palm slaps, she hands over her blouse and bends over the desk. Panties down, six moderate strokes.

‘Diana’ is called in. She too lifted the ‘Merchant’ essay. Guess the girls did not talk about their little games with each other. She gets the same palm slapping and bare bottom caning, nothing special.

And then ‘Susie,’ She also plagiarized. And she was just caned last week in PE class. She gets the same punishment.

FADE. The girls are caught smoking in one of those garret-like rooms found in British CP films. “Miss Benson,’ the caner above, is summoned. The girls will each get six strokes, bare, bent over a lectern. The best moment of the film comes when the Head herself jumps involuntarily at a preparatory cane swoosh from Benson. Bottoms lined up to conclude. British without the flair.

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