18 Sep

‘Betty Blaze,’  the Betty Paige lookalike who plays a prefect at the Institute, does her share of spanking, but also took some punishment from time to time. This actress has appeared elsewhere, such as SHADOWLANE.

Betty and Daniels‘ (M/f; year: 2003; time: 7 minutes) Betty has been sent to Coach Daniels’ office for a spanking. Daniels receives the call from Miss Dee and seems quite happy to help out.

Betty arrives, in pigtails, wearing jeans and top. She has brought a strap with her. She bends over the desk for 10 hard strokes strokes. The sequence is repeated, facial and rear.

‘Betty gets spanked ‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) This is a significant film if you are an RSN fan. Masterson spanks one of his staffers, ‘Betty,’ who here is described as still a student at the Institute, where she has earned some supervisory authority, as a sort of prefect or trusty. He has noticed her attitude slipping a bit and some complacency setting in, and notes in her record that her last spanking was seven weeks ago. He decides a “maintenance paddling” as warranted.

Betty is wearing gym clothes. She does a nice job of appearing unhappy about this turn of events and bends over the desk. She reflexively arranges her hair off her face and glances at the camera. Shorts down, white panties down, the first camera angle is facial, and then the paddling is repeated from a perfect rear view. Tears, impressive bruises, some puss.

Betty and Danny’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Betty sits on a high stool, in schoolgirl kit, working in an office with ‘Danny.’ She steps out for a break, and when she returns, Danny smells cigarette smoke on her.

He bends her over a desk for a very hard strapping, on her kilt, then white panties, and then on the bare. This is hard stuff, she can take it. Alternate views.

‘Betty spanks Lori’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Betty is half naked here, wearing only full white panties. It appears RSI schoolgirl has reported to Betty in her room. Betty was about to put on her own school uniform, but she will spank Lori first. OTK panties down.

Miss Dee interrupts them. Betty does not have the authority to spank, so Dee goes to get her strap and will deal with both of them. Lori bends over first, pants down again. Betty gets the same. These two tawsings are repeated from a facial view.

Betty and the pool table‘ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Early REALSPANKING. Masterson has his long hair–the unkempt rocker. He finds the pool table uncovered and littered with trash. He calls for Betty (Blaze) and will spank her for leaving such a mess. No argument from her, she strips her clothes right off and bends over the pool table. The pool table has found many entertaining uses in pornography. Masterson lays on with the strap, very fast. The best part of the film comes when Betty sets out to pick up the room, naked, moving and bending as she works. Masterson did quite a job with the strap in that short time.

Betty and Masterson’ Several short scenes in various places. RSN did not title their episodes for the most part, but we can catalogue the chronology by the Dean’s hairstyle. He was in his Prince Valiant stage when Betty was the submissive. This is in the early 2000’s.

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