Stolen Watch – CALSTAR

18 Sep

M/f; time: 14 minutes

Septuagenarian spanker and cocksman ‘Jack Uppitt,’ (David Charles)  in a short but complete segment here, which feels like an excerpt from a longer film we have not been able to find. He has caught a young blond student having stolen  his watch. We are in a one-room set with a couch, the scene of some other CALSTAR  distributions, where he has left some DNA behind in other stories.

Usual shivering acting. Uppitt pulls her top off  and she is suddenly naked. She has the centerfold  body and then some, quite a deviation from the normal schoolgirl CP model, but in line with the girls Uppitt gravitates to in his films. In essence, he likes tits as well as ass. He takes her OTK. “Legs apart,” as he always says. The girl has already been spanked today,  for another theft. He is going to spank her every day, lest her tell her parents. He likes to schedule his bottoms.

She kneels on the couch for the slipper. “Stick it out for me.” He arranges her into the diaper position on the couch and very much likes the view. He is the devil at getting a girl into a compromising position. Next, he splays her over a couch arm, another exposure. She has trimmed her pubic hair into the tiniest wisp. Time consuming we would think, and does such effort require assistance?

After a brief caning, he makes her clench the rattan between her buttocks, then sends her to her room. In some other films, at this point, he arranges an appointment with the unlucky girl in his own digs after supper, but not here.

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