English Teacher – REDBOARD

19 Sep

F/f; time: 44 minutes

Standard British-flavored teacher/student CP, with the slightest hint of lesbian interest. ‘Julie Bright’ is identified as playing ‘Miss Margaret,’ who apparently boards students, here American ‘Stephanie Austin,’ and she uses corporal punishment to keep her girls motivated.

Stephanie reports to Miss Margaret, wearing shorts and a jersey. For various house infractions, “discipline” is announced, which Stephanie pretends not to understand. After a faux struggle, Stephanie is taken OTK for a long and mild spanking on her little white shorts. “If you don’t start behaving, I am going to take your shorts down.” Stephanie soon does stand and drop those shorts. Margaret eagerly checks under her full white and loose panties to see what progress is being made. Good low shots. On the couch, Margaret grips her panties to hold her in place.

Touch-toes. Stephanie complains she can’t bend that far. Panties down, jersey over the head, OTK again. Seems to us Miss Margaret has developed more than a little interest. Back to the couch, but first she must hand over her panties, and the “teen bra.” But it’s a size or two more than that. Some frontals at this point.

Miss Margaret wants Stephanie to parade in front of her for posture instruction–head up, shoulders back, boobs out, butt in, and book-on-the-head. She has Stephanie put her panties back on for this march, unfortunately for us. We can only guess the director had used up all the persuasion he had for frontal  shots agreed to. A bit more spanking, there are sniffles by now. She dresses, they hug. Stephanie vows not to have to return.

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