Spanking Interrogation – NORTHERNSPANKING

19 Sep

2M/f; year: 2006; time: 20 minutes

Action is underway; a tall brunette, in prison smock, has already lost her panties and is being flogged by ‘Major Paul Kennedy’ and ‘Captain Michael Stamp.’ They intend to whip her until she gives up some information on a terrorist they are after.

The scene is just an office chair in an empty room; window blinds have been drawn to minimize sunlight, but the lighting is still poor for the film. When the  girl refuses to take her shirt off, the men do it for her. They could have just ripped it off, but they slowly and gently unbutton it. She is down to bra and panties. “This is humiliation!” That it is. She insists this is all illegal and that she will go public. “This is 2005, and we don’t exist.”  Covert ops.

In bra and panties, she bends over. She has one of the huge tramp stamps. They ask her if she has ever had the cane. She says no. What would be the most tactical answer to that question? Kennedy begins caning first, 20 or so snappy short strokes–it can come worse. “Sore?” “Oh, yah!” Captain Stamp takes over, 6 from him, much harder. The girl collapses on the floor and begins to  talk, but not enough to satisfy the boys.

They handcuff her to the chair and go for a meal, and expect to take a full statement from her when they return. This would have been a good time for one of those prickly naughty seats, but NORTHERN doesn’t use one.



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