Correctional Spanking

23 Sep

F/2f; year: 2004; time: 44 minutes

Two sleazy-looking girls, a blonde and a brunette, are behind bars. A guard leads them out and into a court room, one of those concocted sets we have seen at MOOD and others, over which we have chuckled. The ‘judge’ wears his robe and an academic don’s cap which actually has a chin strap!

The film is in a foreign language, which spares us in part from the awful acting. After testimony from two or three people, the girls are marched out and returned to their cell. They have been either indicted or convicted, but some judgment has been passed. The male guard who sits at a desk outside their faux cell has a collection of spanking implements at the ready.

A female guard comes on the scene, with the authority to punish the girls. They are brought out of the cell, bent over the desk, and a mild handspanking begins. Little skirts come up–both girls wearing matching white thongs. With a cane, the guard moves from bottom to bottom, hitting hard enough to make this silly film work.

Both girls must strip naked. No one objects. The girls, one by one, get on hands and knees and are cropped by the guard. Their bottoms are beginning to mark.

The female guard positions a table. The naked brunette lies flat, full-length, the naked blond prisoner is to crop her–a silly tapping, but the guard steps in more effectively with a tawse. The girls switch and the blonde takes the same.

Here, the film deviates from this normal CP fare. The girls get into the diaper position, side by side on the table. The guard spreads KY jelly on their pussies and anuses and proceeds to fuck them by hand with clear plastic dildos.

After this interlude, the girls climb down. The guard hands a strap-on dildo to the brunette. It is an impressive creature. She fucks the blonde, vaginal and anal. The camera angles and positions suggest experienced pornographers, not the occasional fumbling found where a CP film attempts to  revert to hard sex.

The girls are returned naked to the cell, where they begin to dress. Was this punishment?


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