Girls caught smoking

26 Sep

F/2f; Another American film for which we must find the title. Two girls are caught smoking and will be punished, and the whole thing will turn into a lesbian mash.

Two girls smoke at a little table on a skimpy set, where all the action will take place. One is a scrawny light brunette, and the second raven-haired brunette has so much hair we won’t see much of her face. The supervisor-type catches them. “Put those fucking cigarettes out.”

The little brunette gets the first attention. She must take her shirt off. The woman pinches her nipples–this will not be ordinary punishment. Skirt off, corny full white panties.

The dark brunette undresses. She is better nourished. When the woman sees her boobs: “Nice ones.” For some reason this girl is wearing panties with shaping pads in the seat. Since they will be coming off, they won’t affect the spanking. Why is she wearing them? We admit we didn’t zone in on all the dialogue.

The lesbian action accelerates. After both girls are spanked over the little table, the clothes keep coming off, including the spanker’s. Soon all are naked. Shoe and leg kissing. Lesbian play, lots of pubic hair. As the camera pulls back, this shabby set looks like nothing more than a hotel room.

For some reason, the domme ties the two girls to chairs with soft white rope, which she pulls out of a bedside table drawer, right where you’d expect to find a Gideon Bible. Then she stuffs four or five cigarettes between the lips of each of the two bound naked girls.

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