Anthea and Melissa’s Excellent Punishment – ERICMARTINET

27 Sep

F/2f; time: 70 minutes, 5 parts

An odd and inconsequential film, despite the efforts made with costumes and staging. You wonder if some of these one-off producers ever watched some of the masterworks of CP films.

Anthea and Melissa have constantly been in trouble, so their mother has arranged to have them sent to their aunt, for four days of punishment. Normally, these involuntary corrective sojourns can produce some erotic action–country estates, woodsheds, cellars, etc. The long film will be interspersed by narration and depiction by the aunt, confusing.

The nieces report and are suitably shocked when they learn the regimen will include spankings, and on the bare. Auntie quotes a Sage: “The best lessons are always learned on the bare bottom.” They will report to the parlor at 6:30 PM, wearing the punishment uniforms given them. The rooms used as sets will contain decently appointed Victorian furnishings. No hotel or warehouse here.

FADE. The girls report in gymslips and regulation panties. Auntie pulls the panties down. Both girls have faded marks, suggesting another film or these scenes made out of order. The girls will be marched upstairs one at a time. Blond Anthea first–the camera couldn’t quite center her undulating bottom for this essential scene. Anthea is spanked OTK, then brunette Melissa is marched up. There is a lot going on under Melissa’s outfit–maybe later.

“School Days”: Auntie is going to play these four days to the max. She sends the girls off to their room to put on traditional schoolgirl outfits she just bought, and she herself wears a cap and gown. The mortar board does not quite sit well on her bouffant, so it will disappear during the ensuing spanking excitement.

The girls quickly fail at schoolwork and will be spanked on their maroon knickers before they come down. Auntie  pins up their jumpers to get at the targets, an awkward nod to ROUE films. Palm slaps then some hairbrush.

‘pyjama party’ The girls have been cursing, so a ‘discussion’ has been scheduled for bedtime. Such activity is always done without pants. The girls report at 7 PM in pj’s, two-piece bulky oversized striped affairs just designed to be taken off. Melissa is just busting out of hers. Melissa is spanked first OTK, bottoms and panties down. Anthea next.

In turn the girls are marched upstairs bare bottom, an acceptable filming of this essential moment. They get the hairbrush in the bedroom. Auntie checks her canes for the next segment.

At last it is time to climax with the cane. Auntie narrates the use of this conclusive instrument. The girls’ knickers are pulled down again and dresses pinned back up. The canings are slow and ceremonial. Lots of swooshing. We believe facials are mixed in to permit repeats. And Auntie will have her fun,  the girls are made to strip naked. Melissa does not disappoint when all her clothes are gone. More spanking and sobbing. Black and white repeats for vintage effect, if it is not too late for that.

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