Health and Safety 2 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

27 Sep

M/f; time: 15 minutes

A continuation of “Electricity Inspector.” An entertaining form of blackmail found in some old CALSTAR, ROUE, and elsewhere. Code enforcement, tax collectors, weights-and-measures inspectors and other admin types can prey on young girls and often use spanking here and there to resolve matters. Our favorite is CALSTAR’s ‘Community Charge Caning,’ where a tax collector must be astounded when he gets a most nubile resident to take her clothes off for a spanking to atone for arrears.

Here,  a brunette is about ready to open the doors of her new strip club in a few hours. “Agean’ holds a list of code violations. It seems he spanked her once before and she knows his drill. She reminds him of the “painful experience at your hands.” She wants him to know how different this club of hers is, and proceeds to demonstrate one of her burlesque numbers on the stage of the empty club.

Back to the office, Agean is intent on a spanking. “I’ve seen bigger and better acts,” he says. When she calls him “obtuse,” he is offended. She bends over the back of a chair for the beginning spanking. This inspector comes equipped with his own small paddle. Skirt up, thong off, she gets a red bottom and will  enjoy exhibiting that to her next audience. Violations waived, they kiss.

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