27 Sep


There are many iterations of thieving girls being marched into the store manager’s office for the Big Choice. We would not bother with this unidentified film but for the fact this particular manager might be the most demonic we have seen, first we knew that a Minor in gynecology is an asset in store management.

A very demure brunette reports, her innocence adds a great deal to the film. She denies. “We’ll have to do a quick search.” He pulls up her simple dress and finds some store panties and jewelry tucked over her thong strap. He’ll keep going, then. She strips off her dress and now wears only the thong, not the least embarrassed. He takes her thong off and actually pries her labia apart for the first cavity check.

Since he now has the merchandise as well as the store video, he offers her the Choice. She’ll take the spanking. He will use a double-tongued strap, 130 strokes, the dollar amount. She is lovely, quite juvenile and helpless, naked but for white heels. Up  on a table, kneeling. laying flat on her stomach, and then the diaper position. When she is in the diaper, he spreads her legs and straps her thighs and pussy. A store manager who has seen some LUPUS films. More OTK, and since the humiliation is not yet complete, the most exposed of them all–the wheelbarrow, where he pries  and probes, before the bare bottom corner time.

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