Maid For Spanking – LONDONVIDEO

28 Sep

F/4f; year: 1997; time: 57 minutes

A raucous multiple spanking household. A Brian Tarsis production. ‘Greta Karlson’ (another crossover porn star) is the household madam, and ‘Chloe,’ ‘K. C. Dylan,’ and ‘Liberty’ play staff.

Two maids hustle around, their little Victorian outfits tailored in such a way that their short skirts pop up to flash panty at the slightest movement. They find some CP magazines and stop to peruse, when madam Karlson catches them. No wonder the work is never done. Let the spankings begin. The two girls are spanked in various ways–the madam even has a kitchen stirrer at hand. Given the theatre and the amount of stroking, these girls are household playthings.

In a new scene, two maids report to Karlson. A couch has been stolen, towels and other goods missing, not all that clever, but this is a CP film. When the girls won’t cooperate: “I guess I will have to beat it out of you.” Usual spankings, over a desk, satin panties down. A supervisor, Jenny, is watching, but she must know there are no safe harbors in this household. The girls’ bottoms are blotching by now. During their spankings, the girls name Jenny as the culprit.

Karlson searches Jenny’s room and finds boxes of household items. Looks like she was just ready to call FedEx. Another spanking begins, and after a bit, Jenny must strip naked and kneel on the bed. Lots of pubic hair, and a great body is launched in a surprise from the drab institutional smock. The girl’s hair being up and her eyeglasses masked her eroticism. She kneels on the bed and her boobs hang. The madam knows how to position her girls.

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