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Spanking Court – Kat St. James – DISCIPLINARYARTS

31 Oct

M/f; time: 7 minutes
From the credits, we’re told the actors are ‘Kyle Johnson’ and ‘Kat St. James,’ site producers, no faces. Kyle reads off a court sentence, 4 or 5 charges not guilty, but some trespass and mischief earns her 3 minutes of the hairbrush.  She wears an orange jumpsuit, hands cuffed behind her back. Kyle is masked in a black grim reaper’s outfit–an executioner.

He takes her OTK and absolutely whales her bare bottom for a full three minutes with a hairbrush. She becomes increasingly agitated, for good reason. It would have been easy to splice in some repeats, but we loved it. Rousing job, whoever the actors were.

Seat of Learning and more -Strictmoor – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

31 Oct

3F/7f; time: 60 minutes plus

A ‘Strictmor  Academy production.’ Apparently a defunct website, Strictmore. A large cast of experienced CP actresses in an unabashedly silly multi-part school spanking story. As we watch this, we wonder just what CP market this film could have appealed to.

Strictmor Academy seems to be a remedial school where promising girls are sent for two weeks if they are failing at their various colleges. The scene opens with 8 girls reporting to  the Academy and being greeted by 4 female staffers, one of whom is ‘Dana Specht.’ The set is a country mansion. No dialogue. ‘Sarah Gregory’ herself is overdubbing a narration.

The girls are sent up to their rooms to put on school uniforms laid out for them. They have been required to report with their hair braided into schoolgirl pigtails. Ms. Gregory is of course mining all of the ‘schoolie’ fetish here. Surely this film is intended primarily for F/f. Michael  Masterson has proved at REALSPANKINGS that two bare bottoms are better than one.

Cut to a large and authentic classroom, where the lecturing has begun, here by Ms. Specht. The girls wear blouse, tie, kilt, knee socks, and maryjanes. Sarah narrates that the girls are shocked to hear that “bare bottom spankings” are the order of  the day here.

Specht’s history class proceeds, no spanking yet. The cute pigtailed girls squirm. Cut to bedrooms in the house. The girls can hear staffer ‘Mrs. Cooper’ is scolding her daughter ‘Jennifer’ (Bianca Rose), another staffer, for being rude. Since that is what happens here, Jennifer too has to put on schoolgirl kit to be spanked. She gets a standard bare bottom OTK spa king, kicking and screaming.

Back to Specht’s history class. She catches two girls passing notes, so it is time for the first spanking in front of the class. Brunettes ‘Anthea’ and ‘Lynn’ are called forward. They must strip to gymslips and regulation bottle green knickers. They get their thighs slapped and are spanked bare bottom OTK. There is no hesitation to show frontal nudity, here and  throughout.

Part of the classroom orientation explaining the use of spankings included the procedure that girls spanked in class during the day would receive a second spanking at bedtime.

Anthea and Lynn report to another staffer, ‘Mrs. Drower,’ in her office. The girls wear just white gymslips and full white panties. Drower pulls down their panties, very slowly and carefully. Hands on head. Pants at their thighs, the girls are marched  up the mansion staircase, the camera dutifully following their bottoms CP film style. The girls get a firm but conventional OTK slipper spanking.

Back to the classroom. Mrs. Cooper, who we saw spank her daughter with no compunction, is teaching. Two more students, ‘Sarah Gregory’ herself, and ‘Sharn’ (Amy Murray) are called to the front of the class. They also strip to undies and get the same embarrassing spankings in front of the class.

We see that required nighttime followup, bottoms up the palatial staircase  to their rooms. Drower loves to tell the girls they’ll be sleeping on their stomachs tonight. At bedtime the girls hear Jennifer getting another spanking from her mother, here with a hairbrush on the thighs as well as the bottom. We assume here that this is a form of sedative for Mrs. Cooper.

’Summer’ time:46  minutes

3A: Four brunettes in full schoolgirl kit are being lectured in class. The four girls will be taken and spanked by the teacher, by hand and a hairbrush. There is the usual ceremonial lowering of panties and the unusually frequent frontal views. We’ve said elsewhere, why is this production so tepid? Don’t they watch the competition? Four bare bottoms back on the desk chairs.

3B: 4 girls in pj’s are marched up the stairs by one of the older women and taken in turn OTK pj bottoms and panties down for the hairbrush. Again, no harm done, and as always, a lot of frontals.

4 (15 minutes) Joan and Elizabeth  march 4 schoolgirls upstairs, where they are lectured then spanked in unimaginative ways. Sarah Gregory is narrating. At least the camera angle, voyeur through doorways, is interesting. OTK hairbrush, and as usual, a lot of fuzzy frontals.

5: (33 minutes) Seems to be the last day for the 4 girls. Joan and Miss Elizabeth will spank and cane them in various ways. The girls are stripped slowly to camisoles and panties and bared in front of a floor mirror, very lesbian. The girls bend over and lock their arms behind their knees in what is called the “Murga position.” Hairbrush also.







More Naked Whipping -NUWEST FCV-114

25 Oct

M/3f;  year: 2009; time: 20 minutes

Another film on the same barn formula in Ed Lee’s metal prefab horse facility in San Marcos. The setting is perfect  for CP films–concrete floors, steel bars,  harsh industrial atmosphere.

A hefty Vanna has brought three girls to the barn, two brunettes and a blonde. The girls are ordered to strip naked, which they do without objection. Just how they are convinced to go through with all this we can only guess. The lighting is poor in this room. The girls undress casually as if we were in a locker room. Vanna marches the three naked girls out onto the barn floor, bare feet on the concrete. She  fastens each girl,  hands over head to the bars, at the door opening where the horse’s head would protrude. This will permit a camera to get an unobstructed facial from inside the stall. Soon, the three girls are strung up, squirming slightly, bottoms awaiting the arrival of Ed Lee. This is our screenshot.

Cowboy Ed arrives, snapping his single-tail whip, not the dog whip and not quite a bullwhip, but nasty in the wrong hands. He walks the line of nudity and taunts the girls–shot of their apprehensive faces. Lee will start on the blonde. After teasing her with soft feints, the first slash of the whip is across her buttocks and she surges very nicely. Lee keeps moving her hair to expose all of her back, but really, there is plenty of magnificent target.

Lee will move from girl to girl, two or three minutes each, back and bottom, then up and down the line for random slashes and some flurries. Cameras from inside the stalls  allow the facial view. Vanna returns to release the girls.





21 Oct

An unusual set of films. Blonde ‘Chloe Parker’ is 34 years old. Masterson says here and elsewhere that he has started to work with older models, they are easier to film with. Ms. Parker is an eye-catcher, and very self confident.

‘Interview’ (MF/f; time: xx) Ms. Parker has arrived  and sits for her interview. She is 34 and still enjoying looking at least 10 years younger. Masterson may prefer to work with older women, but he likes his young bottoms. A long conversation–Chloe is a little kinky, she says. Maybe we will see. Her most memorable spanking was a hairbrush broken over her bottom for a fight with her brother.

At the end of the first segment, she strips naked. A trim little body worth the wait.

‘Chloe and Betty’ (F/f; time: xx more) Betty continues working on Chloe. “Did you have time to think about this?” The facial and rear views of Betty strapping her. “Stand up, drop your pants, and panties.” She will bend over again to do some more thinking. Lovely facials.

‘Chloe steals vodka’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Masterson catches her;  even though she is 34, you don’t do this at the Institute. She must stand on a stool and bend over the table. “I’m getting the paddle this time.” Twelve hard paddle strokes on her jeans–the scene repeated face and rear.

She has to drop her jeans and panties for an inspection, then kneel up on the table for a very revealing shot, something Masterson knows his ‘members’ seek.

County Sheriff’s Ranch – RAVENHILL

19 Oct

MF/3f; time: 1 hr 1 minute

RAVENHILL has had its issues with our reviews when we wrote for other sites, but they can’t stop us here. Nor should they. This is an entertaining film you should seek out. Many of their films played on institutional and authoritarian themes, creating the opportunity for girls being spanked in subjugated circumstances.

We are at a detention camp here. Three girls in a sleazy cabin. Suggestions of LUPUS all through this film. If only the production values were better here, because the spankings will be very impressive.

A uniformed female deputy pays a surprise visit and finds a messy cabin. “I guess  we’re going to get spankings.”  A third girl sneaks back having missed curfew and will sit outside and listen.  The girls wear khaki shorts and blue shirts.

A blonde goes OTK first. “Lose those pants and panties.” This model seems to develop welts very quickly. It is a hard spanking, lefthanded. A brunette is taken next, and the matron switches to her right hand. Then both girls get the hairbrush. There isn’t much suggestion of moderation here.

The matron finds the third girl cowering on the cabin steps outside. The flashy brunette is marched to the camp office, where a uniformed male guard seems to be the watch commander. The matron spanks the girl in the office. She is a huge screamer. The male pretends this is routine. Over a chair for the huge sheriff’s Spencer paddle, only a few strokes.

Back to the cabin. The girls have found some stashed marijuana. They soon sneak to the office and see the evidence storage locker, where they pilfer a bit more pot with the intent of going into business in the camp.

The  male deputy reports the theft to ‘Sheriff Collins,’ played by producer ‘Tierre Ainese,’ reprising the role before his uniform costume has to be sent to the dry cleaner. “Time for some real punishment,” he says. Encouraging. The staff go to search the girls’ cabin and find the stuff. No one need be too clever in these films.

The girls have just come out of the shower and are wrapped in towels. We have described before our fascination with a towel being pulled off a naked girl for a spanking. The naked girls are paddled with the duty Spencer.

FADE. The girls are working in a storeroom and decide to raid the locker and take the large stash. The trial evidence loss is discovered, the cabin is tossed, and soon we see the three girls, naked and cowering, awaiting some classic RH punishment.

They will be taken one at a time and strapped down to a spanking bench used often in the ‘Resolved by Corporal Punishment’  series. It is a crude long bench with a padded hump in the middle. The naked girl is fastened bottom -high. “Twenty-five strokes of the cane.” Tierre does the work, hard enough for the girls to struggle. The bonds are loose enough to make that interesting. Some theatrical lighting and shadow make this scene.


Rob Banks Get Spanked – DALLASSPANKSHARD

19 Oct

M/f; year: 2018; time: 65 minutes  .

A contemporary release from DSH, either from the archives or from maybe a recent visit by Amelia Jane Rutherford to the U.S. for a spanking party. Didn’t we hear some dialogue somewhere that she promised never to visit without a stopover with Dallas? If these dates are close to current, Ms. Rutherford might be over 40 years old here, and we say again, she still stirs our loins.

An intentionally silly story to set the scene: Amelia is a bank robber, part of a criminal organization; Dallas is an FBI agent, doing ‘black ops,’ which includes “enhanced interrogation.” When Amelia is given the choice of a ‘black hole,’ being released onto the street to face her gang, or interrogation, she’ll take the latter, feigning not to know what that means. Of course we all know and we’re ready to start.

In one of Dallas’ rooms at his studio. Amelia wears a flower-print blouse, a very tight skirt, and, we’ll see, stockings. Her hair is braided into two pigtails. The spanking begins in an opening scene-‘The Red Division.’ She is OTK, but pretends not to know why this peculiar posture works for discussion until the first smack lands. We’ve seen her portray this moment hundreds of times and it still entertains. As she squeals, Dallas: “This is much better than a  lie detector test.”

Skirt up. “What are you doing?” Beige lace panties soon down. “No!” Her stockings terminate at her thighs. This session ends with her lying bare bottom across a long hassock, awaiting the next phase.

‘OTK by the FBI’:  Dallas returns with a small oval paddle, about the size of a vanity hand mirror. OTK again, the paddle bites, and Dallas soon splits it. “Maybe you were doing it too hard.” Amelia demurs but must hand him a handy hairbrush. “Ow. That’s so much worse.” Silly gangster talk. Back onto the hassock to await the next phase.

‘The Pain Police’:  ‘Lucy Leggs’ lies on her stomach on the padded hassock. Bra, stockings, ballet slippers,  but no panties. Dallas brings out a collection of implements. He wants all  the European contacts in the syndicate, and seems to be in a position to strap her bare bottom until she talks.

He uses several straps; Amelia’s squawks are silly although justified. She starts to give up names. Dallas pulls her legs back to discomfort her, but actually Ms. Rutherford is in such good shape it has no effect. “Fucking hell!” is all she can come up with. A lot of talk here, the only way to preserve Ms. Rutherford’s bottom in this long film.

Amelia is now sitting on a stool in just that bra, her bottom hanging over perfectly, like a British schoolgirl on a dunce stool.Da.las will snap at that bottom with three paddles—a short lexan stick, a ruler-like lexan, and a thin, round wood paddle. This spanking is not very hard, coming from Dallas. At the conclusion, Dallas puts the paddle in Amelia’s bra band and snaps her back with it. All in all, one of her milder events. Had she reached her limit in this session?

‘Bucket-Wet for Protection’  In this episode, Amelia is finally naked, and it is glorious.     She stands in a wash basin. Dallas is still tormenting her for the name of ‘Mr. Big.’ He tells her: “This is for all the marbles.” He pours water over her buttocks and it runs down her legs into the bucket.

While she stands fully erect and immobilized by the bucket, Dallas sparks her with a bundle of rattan sticks, not hard. Then more mild action with a floppy strap. Amelia wiggles her bottom to drive you crazy. She struggles to stop herself from covering her bottom. She is a perfect goddess. Dallas next uses a floppy paddle cut with spatula-like slots, which could really sting if swung hard enough to impress the buttocks.

Next a huge 3 foot stick with a handle. Amelia is bug-eyed when Dallas flashesit in front of her face. This hurts the most so far. She seems to capitulate here, because Dallas says: “thank you for your service.”

There is a concluding interview, where Amelia remains naked. Dallas compliments her pain tolerance. The camera pans her nude frontal. She was “in the bucket, one of the bucket girls” And of course she would be on any spanko’s bucket list. The voice of  camera person Sierra Salem can be heard on the set.

Hard Spanking for Alice – AAA SPANKING (TRIPLE A)

19 Oct

M/f; time: 14 minutes

‘Lady Alice Skye’  she is called here, the tiny blonde we have been cataloguing at RSN. She mentioned working for this producer in her RSN ‘Interview’ segment. A formal John Osborne in coat and tie points to the table. “Do you see what is on the table?” A cane. This is what she is going to get, for the third violation this week–posture, back talk, gestures. Even now she is sassy. “You use that stupid stick and still it doesn’t work.”

Her bottom is already red. Hair flipped. He pulls her panties down and does the warmup handspanking. She steps out of her panties and takes 12 of the cane, struggling through.

Two Sisters Over the Rack – NUWEST

18 Oct

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 10 minutes

Ed Lee continues his quest for novelty in his films. Here he has had constructed a sort of tripod out of wood poles, the sort of device you would see holding a pot over a fire in a 1940’s Western movie, or more currently, an advanced version of the Salvation Army frame for the donation pot. But this one must be more sturdy, with crossbars, to hold the bucking body of a naked girl being whipped.

Exterior. The first girl bent over tied to this frame might be Jodi Cline. Her shorts and thong are at her splayed knees. Lee uses a lash. “I wouldn’t get any exercise if it wasn’t for you girls.” Even in 2006, NW has its production troubles. The sound varies from camera to camera. He unsnaps Jodi’s bra and lets it fall.

A scond girl is whipped in the same way. Her offense: “Time to teach your ass a lesson….no  tattoos!” She got a tramp stamp. Better closeups here. Lee slashes forehand and backhand.



18 Oct

M/f; time: 57 minutes

The same format for this producer. A very hot girl will take a thorough spanking and perform the full varieties of sex in classic porn style. ‘Lacy’ is a smoking little brunette dressed little-girl in a tiny kilt and halter. She giggles her way through a hard spanking and then rollicking sex and a money shot.


18 Oct

2M/4f; Time: 32 minutes

Four girls will be caned for cash on a rack. It is sort of an A-frame or stepladder,  with a standing platform and a flat pad in the center to lie on. The rack is used similarly in other films in this series.

The four brunettes will each get 20 strokes, 10 from each of the two female supervisors. Three positions, 60 wicked strokes with massive marks as the result. The first position-  the naked girl stands erect grasping the frame. The second-the girls lie flat on the pad, bent over. And the third, the girls climb up into the frame and get into the diaper position, rather acrobatic for the taller girls and very rough for these massively striped bottoms.