Classroom Spanking

4 Oct

2M/f; time: 44 minutes

And old and classic British classroom drama, made by a producer who knew what naughty buttons to push, like ROUE, BLUSHES, et al. ‘Melanie,’ a very pretty blonde in full schoolgirl kit, is being quizzed in something of a classroom detention by a teacher, and he threatens to summon the janitor to cane her if she can’t answer the subject questions. He will spank her first. OTK. She is the stylish one–skirt up, black panties, garter belt stockings. Panties down, then up for palm slaps, then bare bottom OTK again.

This detention thing gets more serious. Melanie touches toes for a big leather  paddle, which makes her jump. She cannot hold position, she grabs and spreads her buttocks, giving us a show. Nothing we didn’t know about, but we appreciate her confirming. The teacher rolls up his sleeves for a big heavy strap. Very hard and exciting. The model can’t help checking the director. Maybe she wonders how much more of this,

She is allowed to pull her panties back up and sit again. We cut to the janitor’s lair in the basement. This teacher discusses his difficult student and hands the janitor a ‘slipper.’ The men then confront Melanie in the classroom again–they accuse her of smirking, she is just chortling at the corny lines.

The men position a large vaulting horse. They order her to take off her clothes. “All of it?” It will take a while–girls always struggle with buttons. She is finally completely naked and goes over the horse, doing well naked in front of the janitor and teacher. The slipper first, then the cane, hair off the face, legs kicking. Tears. very well done.

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