Customs Violation – ENGLISHSPANKERS

13 Oct

F/f; time: 19 minutes

Our title. A film of little note, except for the way the corporal punishment is delivered. ‘Miss Lina’ plays a uniformed customs officer about to deal with a girl who has been caught with drugs in her suitcase. If the girl will admit it, it will be just a spanking; if not, tonight in jail, a magistrate, and who know what then.

On the wall of this office is a rack with quite a variety of spanking implements. Lina has the girl stare at the collection while she ponders her decision. First an OTK spanking, and rather mild as usual for this producer. But this customs enforcement is a bit different. The girl must take off all her clothes. Lina has her do a twirl and give us a good look. The girl lies lengthwise over nothing more than a sawhorse, upholstered in leather.

The customs officer selects an implement and then seats herself at the girl’s bottom, for a slow floppy strap spanking. This isn’t hard work, but if it is going to take a long time, the chair is a good idea. Not sure we recall another example of this. Up and down off the bench for examination and then more spanking. Leisurely. An added feature of this narrow sawhorse is that the girl’s boobs hang slightly.

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