Mother-Daughter Enemas – STONEFOX

13 Oct

M2F/2f; time: 57 minutes

‘Victoria’ is brought to a ‘public health department’ by her step-mother, to address her continuous complaints about stomach trouble. The demonically comic ‘Dr. Fish’ runs this clinic and surely did not miss the arrival of this smashing brunette.

We’ve said before, we enjoy these clunky films from a website which appears still active. Not the perfect venue for spankos, but lots of anal action and always pretty girls and novel plots, this film no exception.

In a rare exterior scene for STONEFOX, a reluctant  Victoria is being driven to the clinic by her step-mother. She is a striking pageboy brunette, a real ‘Bettie Page’ type. She is admitted to a treatment room by nurse ‘Annika.’ A long discussion and some physical exam. Victoria objects to a rectal temperature taking. “But we find it more accurate.” Victoria is asked to undress and put on a hospital gown while Annika gets Dr. Fish. Victoria keeps objecting. “I’m eighteen.” She is ignored.

The nurse sets up the enema trolley and proceeds–Victoria into the correct medical posture on her side, anus and smallish nozzle lubed, and the insertion. The camera angles are not as strategic as they could be. Victoria moans sweetly from the first flow. “How much more?” The angry step-mother is quick to respond–“Till there’s nothing left!”

Victoria scuttles to the bathroom, not in as much distress as some other entertaining enema films–once again, there is always NUWEST as a standard with which to compare. When she returns, the table has been prepared for a gyno exam and Fish is ready. Up onto the table on her back. “Slide your bottom all the way down to the end of the table.” He prepares a lighted speculum. Victoria can’t hide it now, yes, she is having sex. What else could she say with her thighs wide, feet in stirrups, and her ‘naughty nuggets’ center screen? And that enema trolley isn’t so far away.

Fish sticks a finger in her anus. “Not too far,” says Victoria. After a breast exam, this is such a lovely model, time for the rectal exam. Onto knees and elbows. Neither this rectal exam nor the pelvic are well enough filmed to capture us. Maybe some fakery, but Victoria is sweet. Fish gives her a clean bill of health, suggests therapy, and her mother repeats, “I think you might need a spanking when  you get home. Her mother has her own idea about therapy.

Victoria dresses. As a last check, nurse Annika will look at her inoculation record. This is good news. You know where this is going. Fish prepares a huge hypodermic. “I’m going to give it in your bottom.” Bend over the table, and once again, we miss the actual moment.

The mother will stay behind for her own consultation with Fish. She has her own stress, Victoria just a part of it. Fish suggests an enema here also, his remedy for most things. The mother strips naked, standing and facing us, more fortunate camera work or a more willing model. She gets her enema, and she also needs that booster shot.

Victoria and her mother drive home and she is sent to her room. “We’ll be up in a few minutes.” Victoria stands in the corner of a completely antiseptic space which is probably a hotel room. The mother comes in with a big strap. No father here. “Life up your skirt and pull your panties down.” The mother straps her bare bottom over a pillow on the bed. Tepid stuff in all, but some adventurous work for a zero-budget CP film.





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