County Sheriff’s Ranch – RAVENHILL

19 Oct

MF/3f; time: 1 hr 1 minute

RAVENHILL has had its issues with our reviews when we wrote for other sites, but they can’t stop us here. Nor should they. This is an entertaining film you should seek out. Many of their films played on institutional and authoritarian themes, creating the opportunity for girls being spanked in subjugated circumstances.

We are at a detention camp here. Three girls in a sleazy cabin. Suggestions of LUPUS all through this film. If only the production values were better here, because the spankings will be very impressive.

A uniformed female deputy pays a surprise visit and finds a messy cabin. “I guess  we’re going to get spankings.”  A third girl sneaks back having missed curfew and will sit outside and listen.  The girls wear khaki shorts and blue shirts.

A blonde goes OTK first. “Lose those pants and panties.” This model seems to develop welts very quickly. It is a hard spanking, lefthanded. A brunette is taken next, and the matron switches to her right hand. Then both girls get the hairbrush. There isn’t much suggestion of moderation here.

The matron finds the third girl cowering on the cabin steps outside. The flashy brunette is marched to the camp office, where a uniformed male guard seems to be the watch commander. The matron spanks the girl in the office. She is a huge screamer. The male pretends this is routine. Over a chair for the huge sheriff’s Spencer paddle, only a few strokes.

Back to the cabin. The girls have found some stashed marijuana. They soon sneak to the office and see the evidence storage locker, where they pilfer a bit more pot with the intent of going into business in the camp.

The  male deputy reports the theft to ‘Sheriff Collins,’ played by producer ‘Tierre Ainese,’ reprising the role before his uniform costume has to be sent to the dry cleaner. “Time for some real punishment,” he says. Encouraging. The staff go to search the girls’ cabin and find the stuff. No one need be too clever in these films.

The girls have just come out of the shower and are wrapped in towels. We have described before our fascination with a towel being pulled off a naked girl for a spanking. The naked girls are paddled with the duty Spencer.

FADE. The girls are working in a storeroom and decide to raid the locker and take the large stash. The trial evidence loss is discovered, the cabin is tossed, and soon we see the three girls, naked and cowering, awaiting some classic RH punishment.

They will be taken one at a time and strapped down to a spanking bench used often in the ‘Resolved by Corporal Punishment’  series. It is a crude long bench with a padded hump in the middle. The naked girl is fastened bottom -high. “Twenty-five strokes of the cane.” Tierre does the work, hard enough for the girls to struggle. The bonds are loose enough to make that interesting. Some theatrical lighting and shadow make this scene.


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