More Naked Whipping -NUWEST FCV-114

25 Oct

M/3f;  year: 2009; time: 20 minutes

Another film on the same barn formula in Ed Lee’s metal prefab horse facility in San Marcos. The setting is perfect  for CP films–concrete floors, steel bars,  harsh industrial atmosphere.

A hefty Vanna has brought three girls to the barn, two brunettes and a blonde. The girls are ordered to strip naked, which they do without objection. Just how they are convinced to go through with all this we can only guess. The lighting is poor in this room. The girls undress casually as if we were in a locker room. Vanna marches the three naked girls out onto the barn floor, bare feet on the concrete. She  fastens each girl,  hands over head to the bars, at the door opening where the horse’s head would protrude. This will permit a camera to get an unobstructed facial from inside the stall. Soon, the three girls are strung up, squirming slightly, bottoms awaiting the arrival of Ed Lee. This is our screenshot.

Cowboy Ed arrives, snapping his single-tail whip, not the dog whip and not quite a bullwhip, but nasty in the wrong hands. He walks the line of nudity and taunts the girls–shot of their apprehensive faces. Lee will start on the blonde. After teasing her with soft feints, the first slash of the whip is across her buttocks and she surges very nicely. Lee keeps moving her hair to expose all of her back, but really, there is plenty of magnificent target.

Lee will move from girl to girl, two or three minutes each, back and bottom, then up and down the line for random slashes and some flurries. Cameras from inside the stalls  allow the facial view. Vanna returns to release the girls.




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