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Princess Punishment – FIRMHAND

18 Oct

FIRMHAND takes a humorous slap at contemporary British Royalty, as well as plumbing some of the more fetishistic aspects of conventional spanking. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’  plays a commoner who is engaged to marry ‘Prince Jack.’ If we trust internet biographies and copyright dates, Ms. Rutherford is all of 40 years old here, and she still brings it. At this juncture in the experience of this producer and the actors, we’re a bit disappointed at the paucity of imagination shown here. There might be a story around somewhere on how FH could have recaptured and contracted Ms. Rutherford to return for another series after all these years.

(A) (M/f; year: 2018; time: 11 minutes) ‘Philip Johnson’ plays a ‘royal enforcement officer,’ and he has been assigned Ms. Rutherford in order to make some attitude adjustments essential to the Royal Family. Amelia reports to him. “I’ve never been in this office before.” Johnson explains his role, rather obtusely at first. Amelia noted his title on the door with some apprehension. Amelia adamantly insists she is a strong, modern, independent woman. When Johnson repositions a straight chair in the middle of the room, the first glimmer of suspicion crosses her face. As a British girl, Amelia is familiar with the British Vice.

“I am going to give you a spanking.” “What?” Johnson’s authority quickly prevails. She goes OTK, and the spanking starts on her white skirt. The dress is soon up, and the exquisite white silk panties are down. Amelia’s mild shock is kept under control. Some slow-motion.

(B)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Amelia’s regimen of training continues. Johnson sends for her, and she is quickly OTK again, a simple white toga-like dress out of the way for a handspanking and small paddle.

(C) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Johnson is creeping around in a very well kept garden, Amelia’s place, carrying a paddle. He hears her on the phone with her sister complaining about the “overbearing staff.”

He confronts her and she sees the paddle. Such telephone conversations must not occur,  lest the tabloids find out about this little spanking regimen. Is this the first glimmer that Johnson may be exceeding his authority?

A paddling begins on her white skirt, she kneels on a garden bench. She is afraid her neighbors might see, so Johnson encourages her to keep quiet. A dog begins to bark at the sound of the smacking. Skirt up, sensational white lace panties and pink cheeks.  He wants her to learn to say “yes, sir” and  uses flurries of smacks to encourage.

“The time has come for these to come down.” Low shots of her legs and bottom. He leaves, she rubs. Could anyone see?

(D) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Johnson interrupts Amelia again in her garden. She is on her laptop, organizing a TV documentary of ‘Royal-friendly’ material. She claims Prince Jack is OK with this. Amelia wears her hair in one long pigtail and looks very thin, almost emaciated, in a sleeveless yellow top and skirt.

But Johnson is in charge of these things. There will be no documentary, and there will be another spanking. “We know where this ends.” Over a wood garden table, warmup pants down, no panties. Johnson is surprised to see her bottom. “Oh, louvered marks. It se must be the chair.” We’re not so sure, was this segment filmed after a caning episode?

A big floppy paddle/strap elicits one of Ms. Rutherford’s prototype “Ow, fuck’s” Not Royal. After the spanking, Amelia returns to her laptop. presumably to delete her work, but we are only at letter ‘D’  in this series.

(E) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Philip Johnson bursts in on Amelia in her garden again. The government has the ability to intercept her laptop and  phone transmissions. She has continued to communicate outside the restrictions she has been given.

Johnson searches Amelia’s handbag for her phone and finds a hairbrush. “We may have to use this but not on your hair.” He throws her over her garden table-she doesn’t struggle any more. He begins with the hairbrush and soon pulls her teal slacks down. If there were panties, we didn’t see them. Facial and rear views mixed. He pins her arms. Routine except for that bottom. Frontal flash as she packs. Some bruising.

(F)  (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia has reported to Johnson and she wants to know: “What am I allowed to do after the wedding?” Johnson is thrilled at the question, because he can now instruct her, with his particular form of emphasis. Amelia’s blond hair is in a long pigtail here. When they argue over what charities she can sponsor, her attitude earns the next spanking. She must kneel hands and knees on the table–she climbs into this position without much of a struggle.

Johnson uses a thick stick-like ruler. This isn’t punishment,  it is “correcting your behavior.” It occurs to us maybe Amelia is being trained about spanking, in that Prince Jack might be a spanko and Johnson is on commission. This is England. Another theory: Johnson is exceeding his authority and has found he can get away with it. Skirt up, he bunches her apricot panties. “It makes a glorious sound, doesn’t it?”

Vague markings on her bottom. Her panties survive here, and good thing, she is making quite a presentation.

(G)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Amelia has reported to Johnson again. It seems she gave an interview to an American magazine and said some very un-Royal things. So Johnson will have a go at her again, using a wood paddle. “Let’s see how you like the American way?” 12 solid shots on her jeans, filmed from the rear and her face. At the conclusion she pulls down her jeans to have a look, bunching her blue panties.

(H) (M/f; time: 11 minutes) We suddenly look in on Amelia being fitted for some rather naughty wedding lingerie, as well as her veil. She is standing there in her unmentionables when Johnson enters with his cane and chases away the unseen attendants. He has caught her selling an article to the press. She stands there in a white veil, white bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, runway stuff.

She is going to get 12 of the cane. “There isn’t a young woman on the planet who doesn’t do what she’s told after a dose of the cane.” She bends over the table, panties down, the usual glorious view and Ms. Rutherford’s patented squawk. Great spanking fantasy. Alternate views and slow motion.

(J) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Amelia sits up in her brass bed ands talks to Prince Jack. She complains to him that she is being kept in “protective custody” in a corner of the palace. Johnson enters, takes the phone, reminds the prince who he is. “We’re going to sort things out….it’s just a matter of giving advice to her.”

Angry,  she gets out of bed, wearing only pajama pants and a bra. She hands him a big black paddle. “You know what’s going to happen. Bend over and grab your ankles.”  Pj bottoms down, no panties, action in front of a wall mirror. He paddles, hard enough. Reaction CAM, rear and side.

(K) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) The last segment of this part of the series. The wedding thing brought to a climax. Amelia sits in her wedding dress. She has been told to report to Johnson. “I was told I couldn’t leave for the abbey until I saw you.”  “Amelia, these are the dying hours for you as a commoner.” He flexes his cane. He will cane her one more time. “My wedding present.” Sexy pervy stuff.

“You want me to walk down the aisle with stripes on my bottom?” Guess so,  and we assume the prince agrees, and he will notice later. Amelia kneels up on a chair, Johnson digs through the petticoats until he finds her panties, which come down. “Eighteen strokes.” Gasp, this is the most yet. The segment concludes with a “to be continued.” Maybe the prince will keep it up, or Johnson will be called on for maintainence.


Kyle Spanks Clare Fonda – CLAREFONDA

15 Oct

M/f; time: 14 minutes) A bit silly, but this is one of our few screenings of Clare Fonda as a Bottom. Kyle Johnson is her employee, and he is acting as a spy from “HR,” because she has been observed sexually harassing male employees, including him. He will report her. She begs, offering him favors, including the delivery of young girls she can procure from their office. But he wants something else, “discipline….bare bottom spanking.” “Where do I go?” “Here…right now.”

Clare wears a light blue suit. Kyle takes her OTK, giving her a conventional spanking, working her panties down. Lots of light banter during the process from these two well-acquainted CP producers/players. Clare is careful to keep her front covered as she moves about. A trim and well cared-for lady.

Kami Thrashed and Marked – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

15 Oct

M/f; time: 15 minutes

‘Agean’  and ‘Kami Robertson’ appeared together frequently, in distributions including XEROTICS, NORTHERNPSPANKING, here SOUNDSPANKING, and others, all surely affiliated in some way and maybe even sharing the same trash dumpster.

Here, Kami seems to be Agean’s housekeeper,  and he finds her sweeping up glass, which turns out to  be a broken 15th century goblet, he claims worth 150,000 pounds. Kami has had a few drinks. Now, he has insurance, but surely there is an unpleasant deductible, which he must turn into punishments. Kami wears a fashionable black uniform, not the normal goofy maid’s outfit. We are in a pleasant sitting room. Agean begins an OTK spanking at 4 minutes, early for these talky British films, which suggests Kami is going to have quite a time of it. Skirt up, black white-trimmed panties down.

After this starter, she must kneel on a stool, bare bottom. She does some posing as she positions. Agean proceeds to a slow caning, about 15 strokes. Hard enough for gasps, but no marks yet. Halfway through she stands to kick off her knickers, then back on the stool.

Bad news. “Now Kami, your thighs.” She is horrified. He wants marks on her that people around the house will see. He takes up a thin whippy cane and slashes in groups, and she struggles, dodges, and falls off her perch a time or two. He traps her over a standing knee and gets her thighs just where he needs them. One of the better struggles you will see, realistic, especially her reflexive reaction during the flurries.

Spanking Gurney at SPANKINGSERVER

15 Oct

Producer ‘Peter Schrober,’ at SPANKINGSERVER/PAIN4FEM, had the most inventive paraphernalia in the CP genre, and he worked his pretty models in a variety of poses. We have selected about 10 short films using a sort of bench or gurney, and ‘X’ shaped padded device where a naked girl is strapped down, spread-eagled, ankles, wrists, and small of back, and her buttocks,  elevated with a pillow.

The fastening process is as erotic for us as is the actual punishment. We  commend you to ‘Judicial Canings 1-3,’ longer films by P4F, with a cast and storyline, where the girls must report to bureaucratic authorities, and strip for a humiliating physical examination, peeing in a portable potty, then a ritual fastening and whipping on the frame.

‘Niki Flynn’ (M/f; time: 3:58)) We start off with the international star Ms. Flynn, who seems to have visited the SS studios at least once and made a few films, a long one and a few shorts,  in the formats Schober liked. Here, she quickly climbs onto the padded frame and is strapped down with the Velcro strips. Peter pulls up  her purple dress, pulls down her thong, puts a rolled blanket under her hips (Niki sweetly raises up to assist), and slashes her bottom with a short strap. Her high heels have straps and so survive her kicking until her legs are secured. Her muscular bottom speaks to us in this pose.

When these gurney scenes are filmed from the rear, they are very revealing, and here we may be seeing more of Ms. Flynn than found anywhere in the library. She gasps and squeals through the brief ordeal. Excellent facial and rear shots and marvelous sound recording. Peter gets in a nice feel at the end, and Niki’s bottom is held full screen as she jumps around to put on her thong.

‘Angela’ (MF/f; time: 4 minutes) This pretty blonde struggles and has to be mildly subdued and taped down by Peter and Helen. Helen virtually rips down her panties before Angela’s legs are fastened. Maybe she is a bit mad. Nice. Pillow under hips. Helen does the strapping. Immediate marks. Face and rear shots. Full puss.

‘auburn hair on gurney’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) A pretty auburn-haired girl is already strapped down,  naked except for stockings and heels. Peter uses a thick black paddle and then a fraternity paddle, not the usual cane or strap. This gurney is a little different,  heavier Velcro.

‘brunette gurney’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) A naked brunette flashes frontal then climbs into place. Peter straps her down then selects a cane from the wall. The girls screams from the first. The set is that of the ‘Judicial Canings’ series, with the toilet, the clothes rack, and the assistant’s desk in place.

(blonde)(M/f; time: 3:28) A pretty blonde is already fastened naked on the gurney. Peter is spanking her with a thick black rectangular paddle, which may be made of rubber. Then he switches to a huge wood fraternity paddle, for loud and hard crack which could be faked. Thus only 3 minutes of this.

(blonde) M/f; time: 4:42) Peter fastens a tall thin blonde to the gurney with the Velcro straps,  a process which takes about half of the film. The girl remains dressed, a pink top and kilt. He flips up the kilt, there are no panties. He whales briefly, the girl screams and buck her hips, for what looks like good reason .

‘Jenny Lee’ (M/f; time:3:02) Peter and Helen fasten down one of the blond regulars. They pull her panties down after she is in position, a nice t0uch. Velcro straps, a pillow under her hips, lots of puss always on this platform. Routine strapping, nice facials, she keeps her high heels on. When Jenny is released, she pulls her panties back on.

‘Katty’ (M/f ; time: 3 minutes) A pretty brunette in ponytails and schoolgirl kit is quickly fastened down by both Helen and Peter. Her panties are peeled off her kicking legs before they are anchored. Peter uses a strap, camera up her legs.

‘Lucie’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Another pretty blonde goes over a gurney, this one with a square box in the middle to better stabilize the hips. She takes her own thong down and climbs aboard without urging. Her kilt is so short it does not need to be touched. Peter intimidates in one of his medical smocks. Normal strapping, zoom on her bottom when the thong goes back up.

‘Nicoleta’ (F/f; time: 3:53) Helen does  the whipping this time. Nicoleta struggles just enough to make it interesting.

‘Nicoleta’ (MF/f; time: 4 minutes) Smashing redhead again, this time subdued by Peter and Helen and caned by Peter. He uses a flexible white stick, and mildly, probably the only way he could get this model to spread her thighs again on the gurney. Despite the light strokes, her far buttock is the loser.

Paging the PA – DELCO

13 Oct

F/f; time: 16 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford is a personal assistant for boss ‘Zoey Page.’ In order to improve Amelia’s work and attitude, Ms. Page is going to try a “different procedure.” To the mild distress of Amelia (there isn’t time in these films for lengthy emotion), Zoey pulls up her delicious tight skirt and drops her into the OTK position. Just a touch of lesbian interest communicated here. A conventional handspanking, glorious white lace panties, and of course, a whole lot of bottom from the statuesque Ms. Rutherford.

“You’ll be getting three spankings a day.” Hand and hairbrush. Soon Amelia is stripping naked to complete her humiliation, right here in the office. A new relationship. Doesn’t seem to bother her all that much.

Mother-Daughter Enemas – STONEFOX

13 Oct

M2F/2f; time: 57 minutes

‘Victoria’ is brought to a ‘public health department’ by her step-mother, to address her continuous complaints about stomach trouble. The demonically comic ‘Dr. Fish’ runs this clinic and surely did not miss the arrival of this smashing brunette.

We’ve said before, we enjoy these clunky films from a website which appears still active. Not the perfect venue for spankos, but lots of anal action and always pretty girls and novel plots, this film no exception.

In a rare exterior scene for STONEFOX, a reluctant  Victoria is being driven to the clinic by her step-mother. She is a striking pageboy brunette, a real ‘Bettie Page’ type. She is admitted to a treatment room by nurse ‘Annika.’ A long discussion and some physical exam. Victoria objects to a rectal temperature taking. “But we find it more accurate.” Victoria is asked to undress and put on a hospital gown while Annika gets Dr. Fish. Victoria keeps objecting. “I’m eighteen.” She is ignored.

The nurse sets up the enema trolley and proceeds–Victoria into the correct medical posture on her side, anus and smallish nozzle lubed, and the insertion. The camera angles are not as strategic as they could be. Victoria moans sweetly from the first flow. “How much more?” The angry step-mother is quick to respond–“Till there’s nothing left!”

Victoria scuttles to the bathroom, not in as much distress as some other entertaining enema films–once again, there is always NUWEST as a standard with which to compare. When she returns, the table has been prepared for a gyno exam and Fish is ready. Up onto the table on her back. “Slide your bottom all the way down to the end of the table.” He prepares a lighted speculum. Victoria can’t hide it now, yes, she is having sex. What else could she say with her thighs wide, feet in stirrups, and her ‘naughty nuggets’ center screen? And that enema trolley isn’t so far away.

Fish sticks a finger in her anus. “Not too far,” says Victoria. After a breast exam, this is such a lovely model, time for the rectal exam. Onto knees and elbows. Neither this rectal exam nor the pelvic are well enough filmed to capture us. Maybe some fakery, but Victoria is sweet. Fish gives her a clean bill of health, suggests therapy, and her mother repeats, “I think you might need a spanking when  you get home. Her mother has her own idea about therapy.

Victoria dresses. As a last check, nurse Annika will look at her inoculation record. This is good news. You know where this is going. Fish prepares a huge hypodermic. “I’m going to give it in your bottom.” Bend over the table, and once again, we miss the actual moment.

The mother will stay behind for her own consultation with Fish. She has her own stress, Victoria just a part of it. Fish suggests an enema here also, his remedy for most things. The mother strips naked, standing and facing us, more fortunate camera work or a more willing model. She gets her enema, and she also needs that booster shot.

Victoria and her mother drive home and she is sent to her room. “We’ll be up in a few minutes.” Victoria stands in the corner of a completely antiseptic space which is probably a hotel room. The mother comes in with a big strap. No father here. “Life up your skirt and pull your panties down.” The mother straps her bare bottom over a pillow on the bed. Tepid stuff in all, but some adventurous work for a zero-budget CP film.





Customs Violation – ENGLISHSPANKERS

13 Oct

F/f; time: 19 minutes

Our title. A film of little note, except for the way the corporal punishment is delivered. ‘Miss Lina’ plays a uniformed customs officer about to deal with a girl who has been caught with drugs in her suitcase. If the girl will admit it, it will be just a spanking; if not, tonight in jail, a magistrate, and who know what then.

On the wall of this office is a rack with quite a variety of spanking implements. Lina has the girl stare at the collection while she ponders her decision. First an OTK spanking, and rather mild as usual for this producer. But this customs enforcement is a bit different. The girl must take off all her clothes. Lina has her do a twirl and give us a good look. The girl lies lengthwise over nothing more than a sawhorse, upholstered in leather.

The customs officer selects an implement and then seats herself at the girl’s bottom, for a slow floppy strap spanking. This isn’t hard work, but if it is going to take a long time, the chair is a good idea. Not sure we recall another example of this. Up and down off the bench for examination and then more spanking. Leisurely. An added feature of this narrow sawhorse is that the girl’s boobs hang slightly.

Spanking Analysis – SHADOWLANE

4 Oct

M/f; time: year: 2002;1 hr 21 minutes

We struggled through another corny SHADOWLANE production and we will now cut back on our attentions. Male SL staff play sex therapy counsellors. Brunette ‘Susan Mills’  plays an older woman seeking counselling,  which comes in the form of spanking and anal play, of course. In subsequent visits, she becomes acquainted with an anal plug and a string of anal beads, whose size is going to require some training.

The film ends with a naked Ms. Mills bottom up on a table, taking a butt plug and an electric dildo.

Dinner Ready or a Big Spanking – SPANKINGONLY

4 Oct

M/f; time: 39 minutes

Not much of substance here. A cute ‘Stevie Rose,’ always entertaining with her face and her bottom. She lolls on a couch, not having made dinner, after promising to cut back on take-out. Her husband is angry. “You know I’m going to spank you, right?” After the briefest struggle, he takes her OTK and her warmup pants come down, no panties. She was expecting this? He will spank her in this position and then put her in an uncomfortable corner pose. More OTK,  and using the handy kitchen implements, a spatula and spoon. Doesn’t seem to hurt.

FADE. Stevie is now strapped down to a padded bench; bare bottom. The husband holds a cane and a big Spencer paddle in front of her face. The thick cane first, 20 snaps, not hard, but with this cane they mount. Then the big Spencer. The husband holds her by her ponytail as he paddles. These two spankings are repeated from a facial camera. Ms. Rose has a nice technique of raising her bottom between strokes. They hug to conclude, everything was stretched out.


Classroom Spanking

4 Oct

2M/f; time: 44 minutes

And old and classic British classroom drama, made by a producer who knew what naughty buttons to push, like ROUE, BLUSHES, et al. ‘Melanie,’ a very pretty blonde in full schoolgirl kit, is being quizzed in something of a classroom detention by a teacher, and he threatens to summon the janitor to cane her if she can’t answer the subject questions. He will spank her first. OTK. She is the stylish one–skirt up, black panties, garter belt stockings. Panties down, then up for palm slaps, then bare bottom OTK again.

This detention thing gets more serious. Melanie touches toes for a big leather  paddle, which makes her jump. She cannot hold position, she grabs and spreads her buttocks, giving us a show. Nothing we didn’t know about, but we appreciate her confirming. The teacher rolls up his sleeves for a big heavy strap. Very hard and exciting. The model can’t help checking the director. Maybe she wonders how much more of this,

She is allowed to pull her panties back up and sit again. We cut to the janitor’s lair in the basement. This teacher discusses his difficult student and hands the janitor a ‘slipper.’ The men then confront Melanie in the classroom again–they accuse her of smirking, she is just chortling at the corny lines.

The men position a large vaulting horse. They order her to take off her clothes. “All of it?” It will take a while–girls always struggle with buttons. She is finally completely naked and goes over the horse, doing well naked in front of the janitor and teacher. The slipper first, then the cane, hair off the face, legs kicking. Tears. very well done.