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30 Nov

M/f; time: 19 minutes

Richard Windsor plays ‘Uncle Mitch,’ and Sarah Gregory will be in a minimal knit bikini for the entire segment. The set is an undisguised hotel room. Lots of spankings in seedy hotel rooms. Does anybody question all the camera equipment and lighting hauled in? Uncle is doing business on the phone and Sarah has cluttered the place with clothes as she prepares to go to the hotel pool. Uncle is angry with the mess and must be put off by the spectacular bikini. He grabs her OTK. “You can go to the pool with a nice red bottom.”

A cute squirming Ms. Gregory at the top of her game. She reaches back to cover her bottom. “What are you doing with that hand?” “Protecting my assets.” This is a conventional spanking, except for Ms. Gregory.  We’ll have to check our files to find her more spankable.

When Sarah does not pick up fast enough, she must lie on the bed. Bikini bottoms down, for a belt. Someone has turned on a fan in the bathroom. Uncle remarks about Sarah’s  “puppy dog eyes.”  Nice view of the spanking from overhead.

Private School Discipline – DELCO

29 Nov

F/f ; time: 13 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Bianca Rose, and Adriana Evans are credited. Amelia and Adriana are called to the school office. They  have been late again, and four detentions have failed. More stern measures are in order.

Headmistress Bianca has a hairbrush. Ms. Rose is quite the accomplished Top in CP films. She seems to get a bit excited as she does her work. Adriana will be spanked first, on a leather couch. Skirt up, print panties. Amelia observes. Hairbrush, handspanking. Knickers down.

Amelia is spanked next, orange top, tight blue shorts. Bianca wants the shorts gone, then the white panties. Conventional spankings. The girls compare their bottoms at the conclusion.

Teacher Training – SPANKEDCHEEKS

28 Nov

M/f.;  time: 22 minutes

An entertaining film which rolls up many of the acting skills Amelia Jane Rutherford has crafted in her career in the CP film business. She plays ‘Becky,’ a music teacher. Parent Mr.White has detected that his daughter is being spanked by Becky, without his consent. Guess there are bottom checks at his house.

Ms. Rutherford has played this part before, in SHADOWLANE’s  ‘As  Tears Go By,’ a longer film with more provocative sexual tension and of course a very young Rutherford. Any vengeful parent would have a self-control issue running into a willowy teacher like this.

Becky and White will chat for the first eight minutes. He explains what he has learned, he knows she used ‘implements.’ Becky cheerfully explains she loves the paddles and straps because they  are very painful but do “no damage.” The set is the usual office space; Amelia wears a skimpy silk blouse and a red skirt. Her hair is pinned up teacher-style.

Becky is all too willing  to go and get her “three main implements” and show them to White . After the usual  dialogue–the school does not know about these spankings, he’ ll report her to the headmistress,  she’ll  do ANYTHING to settle this privately,etc. Becky is being overly solicitous to White,  seductively  flashing her 8′ of legs, and maybe a little suspicious where this is headed.

White grabs her OTK. “Oh, my God. “(Of course) Skirt soon up, and very quickly her red bikini panties come down. Amelia is not protesting all that much. White holds her wrists. Her bottom turns red very quickly.

Becky moves to a chair to kneel for the paddles. Just a brief  frontal flash for us and White. She modestly covers, but doesn’tseem to  mean it. She counts 24 of the strap, and then counts the ping pong paddle. She forgets to count. That’s a do-over. White is hurting his back, so he sits to continue the strapping in a  sort  of OTK.

Amelia slides to the floor, her hair is delightfully mussed. She is excited now and suggests  more action. She takes her panties all the way off and they leave the room. “I need to be taken in hand. I won’t be needing these (panties). Would you care to accompany me to the bedroom?”


9 to 5 LEDA Style – NUWEST

24 Nov

6F/m; year: 1994; time: 30 minutes

An odd version of the 1980 Hollywood film. Six LEDA ladies will work over their boss ‘Jack Wilson,’ and maybe do to him what any oppressed girl might fantasize. A naked male is strapped down over a trestle. We will never see his face or hear much from him. The six statuesque ladies Wilson has mistreated at the office will walk onto the set one at a time and have their fun with him, plus an extra.

We recognize some and catch names–Karen, Amy, Jill, Brenda, Maryellen. One girl will sit at the guy’s head and scold him while another girl flogs his back and butt.

For the finale, they take a gag out of his mouth–it had been as invisible as was his face. They want to hear him moan when the strap-on dildo finds its home. One girl does the duty, the  reaming seems not so real–the guy’s legs are strapped too close together and we don’t get the obligatory side view.

We are not  F/m fans,  we have said. This clunky film does not quite make it because of the directorial and staging lapses, but as always, we admire NUWEST’s inventiveness.

Breaking the Rules – SPANKEDCHEEKS

23 Nov

F/f; 22 minutes

Zoe Page interviews Amelia Jane Rutherford in an office, the usual set. This time it is a strip club and there are rules to be explained. And there is punishment. “Spanking.” “Oh!” Amelia insists she will not be a problem. “I just want to dance.”

But as it should be in this line of work, Zoe needs to see her naked for this part of the interview. Amelia strips, all too quickly. “Lovely.” Ms. Rutherford does a devastating twirl and Zoe suggests (requires) that Amelia  walk around the club naked for a while to get used to it. Zoe clearly likes this part of management.

FADE. Amelia has already broken some rules by performing at a private party. Zoe wants her naked for this discussion. The first employment warning will be the aforementioned spanking. OTK, just a black thong. Zoe notices that Amelia’s bottom is already red.. “Oh dear.”  In general, we think Ms. Rutherford has avoided this filming conflict. Thong down. Zoe spanks hard, Amelia can take it. Zoe wants her knickers and files them for her “collection.”

As in the film ‘Over My Knee ” Amelia will next be spanked in the Winchester position. She gets the strap, and she shouts so much Zoe gags her with those knickers. The paddle next. “Against the wall, stick your bottom out, spread your legs like the slut you are….you can dance the rest of the night with your knickers in your mouth…back to work.” Zoe loves all this.



22 Nov

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford has a man cleaning up viruses on her computer. He is either her husband or someone with very personal access, as we shall see. Ms. Rutherford is wearing the same dress in which she appears in the opening episodes of FIRMHAND’s  2018 ‘Doctor’s Orders.’ This would not be of note but for the fact it is rare for her. We will attribute it  to new airline fees for luggage.

Amelia has been careless about malware, she got spanked for it once before, and here we go again. OTK, dress up, pink panties. He smacks hard enough to entertain . “Your hands are too big.” She kicks her panties to her ankles, one of those little touches Ms. Rutherford is so proficient at.

Right there in the office, the guy pulls paddles and straps out of a box. Semper paratus. He has Amelia arrange chairs into the Winchester configuration. A tawse and a studded round donut paddle. Low shot, magnificent kneeling bare bottom. He has her stand and stretch her legs straight to the floor. Ms. Rutherford’ s fashion model posings  are an important part of her films, and being naked often, she fulfills the fantasy.

More Singapore Judicial Canings – AAASPANKING

14 Nov

M/f; time: 30 minutes

Another surprising film released under the banner of both Triple AAA Spanking and SARAHGREGORYSPANKING. Several films on this theme. Two girls stand, already naked. Awaiting a Judicial punishment sentence. One is ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ young here. See our review of ‘Severe Singapore Judicial Canings.’

“LB” (Leia) is called into the next room first; she pads in naked, where Sarah Gregory, in white matron’s  uniform, and a male with a cane (Johnny Lake), confront her. “LB, you have been convicted of sections 3 and 6 of the Arms Offense Act of 1973 and you have been sentenced to 12 strokes on your naked buttocks.” Since Leia is already stark naked and the cane looms, there  is no appeal. She declines to make a statement. Probably good judgment when you’re shivering  naked.

This harsh start appeals to our spanko interest and suggests influence from and some actual improvements on SPANKINGSERVER, LUPUS, and even SPANKINGCOURT. A quaking naked girl  facing a matron, an athletic man with a cane , and here, a tall spanking bench like a lifeguard stand. Leia  steps up and bends over the platform. “Legs apart.” Ms. Gregory ties her wrists and ankles with soft white rope.

“Rear View” A very thick cane is used. “STROKE!” directs Sarah. Stripes ripen as we watch. Leia  quivers, squeals, and sniffles. This is an unusually severe caning for her.     She especially does  not like the shots to her buttocks crease. A six-minute repeat from the facial side is very good. She has turned facing us and her hair is under  control. A good look at her bottom when she is released. Impressive caning.

The second  naked  girl, ‘Alyce Juan ‘ is called in. When Leia  returned, Alyce is appalled at the condition     of her bottom. She hears the same conviction, but her sentence is 24 strokes. She has the temerity to say, “Let’s see what you’ve got.” She finds out and is soon yelling up a storm. Alyce’s caning is longer as announced, and just as LUPUS-wicked. Her laddered wheals ripen just as vividly. Her bottom is held full screen most of the way, and the caning is repeated from the side so we can see her misery.