Dani Daniels Collected

3 Nov

An adult actress plays all the parts–heterosexual hard porn, Lesbian, and in CP, both Top and Bottom. We have collected a few, not a comprehensive selection. She became a full-fledged porn actress, who also mixed spanking and CP films into her career, maybe because she liked to spank and be spanked, but most surely because she has one of those sensational hard bottoms with an attitude all its own. We’ll visit a sampling. We think of a predesessor she might be emulating–Tanya Fox.

’Dani Daniels kink.com’ (2M/f; time: 44 minutes) A long and friendly film where Dani goes through of mild but complicated BDSM torments. She is naked the entire time, and as always, darn proud of it. She wears just a choker, and is nervous banter with the male master. Early on, he asks her what she doesn’t want to do. We were surprised. “No face fucking, no anal, no breast torture.”

After a fade she is in the baseball catcner’s squat, painful enough in itself. She is held steady by a rope to the ceiling. She is bound with ropes and straps in BDSM style. The guy flogs her about the body. She makes her little faces.

Fade. Cane in her mouth. The guy pinches her nipples. Another male has joined the set. After some standing spanking and a ball gag, she kneels to begin a blowjob. No hands—she is hanging onto a waist high hand bar. The guy gives her a hitachi to play with, but for some reason we don’t see much of that. Handspanking and caning.

Onto the couch, face down, hog-tied. The guy spreads aloe on her buttocks and spreads the cheeks. The guy then fucks her from behind and rolls her over to continue. She is released and laughs in delight.

‘Drinking friend’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) MYSPANKINGROOMMATE. We have probably reviewed enough of these films by Ms. Daniels. Dani’s roommate returns from the gym  at 10 AM and is inclined to hit the wine bottle. Dani discourageksk that and decides to spank her. Handspanking and wooden spoon, after all we are in the kitchen. Low shots. Roiutine stuff. Always a little disappointing when Dani keeps her clothes on.

‘Elegant Lesbians’ (Harmony Films; ff; time: 12 minutes) No spanking here, but two great bottoms. A lesbian tryst between Dani Daniels and another girl. Both get  naked and play lesbian games, nicely filmed, well-lit, elegant setting. A long pink plastic dong is shared between the girls, giving Dani a chance to portray her lusty expressions.

‘Playing cards’ (ff; time: 32 minutes) Two girlfriends are playing cards. Dani Daniels is caught with a card up her skirt. This gives her girlfriend an opportunity to spank her, and begin a long film pf reasonably graphic lesbian sex play, not usually what we report on, except that anytime Ms. Daniels is naked, we are interested.

Lots of mock rough play, frigging, grabbing. There’s that rictus face of Dani’s. She is more shaved here. She seemed to have been a holdout for more full pubic hair for a long time. All sorts of naked stuff here. All we needed was a strap-on.

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  1. lanban489 November 4, 2018 at 10:00 pm #

    Hot pretty sexy babe

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