The Beginning – MOOD

3 Nov

M/f; time: 32 minutes

And with this producer we have slowed down our reviews–just a bit too far from the central CP theme we prefer. No offense, they seem to have found their market.

‘Suzi’ reports to Maximilion  Lomp. She has offended one of his friends and he now has the excuse he needs. She will be required to be his slave for one year. Is this just weekends, or every day? This film is an opening part. She must admit complete submission. “I will use all three of your holes.” Only at MOOD would a girl hear that.

Lomp gets  her bra off, and like he always does, he goes for her boobs. After some breast slashing with a riding crop, Suzi is sent to the next room for the “torture instruments.” Should we ask how she knows what and where they are? More boob cropping. Wrists cuffed behind back. On her knees, she starts the first no-hands blowjob. More cropping, then a paddling with what can only be called a board. Frigging, bj.



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