22 Nov

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford has a man cleaning up viruses on her computer. He is either her husband or someone with very personal access, as we shall see. Ms. Rutherford is wearing the same dress in which she appears in the opening episodes of FIRMHAND’s   2018 ‘Doctor’s Orders.’ This would not be of note but for the fact it is rare for her to duplicate outfits.  We will attribute it  to new airline fees for luggage.

Amelia has been careless about malware, she got spanked for it once before, and here we go again. OTK, dress up, pink panties. He smacks hard enough to entertain . “Your hands are too big.” She kicks her panties to her ankles, one of those little touches Ms. Rutherford is so proficient at. “Oh my, God. Stop it.”

Right there in the office, the guy pulls paddles and straps out of a box. semper paratus. He has Amelia arrange chairs into the Winchester configuration. A tawse and a studded round donut paddle. Low shot, magnificent kneeling bare bottom. He has her stand and stretch her legs straight to the floor. “Why are you taking my panties away?” Bruises down her thighs. The dress will survive.  Ms. Rutherford’ s fashion model posings  are an important part of her films, and being naked often, she fulfills the fantasy.

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