Breaking the Rules – SPANKEDCHEEKS

23 Nov

F/f; 22 minutes

Zoe Page interviews Amelia Jane Rutherford in an office, the usual set. This time it is a strip club and there are rules to be explained. And there is punishment. “Spanking.” “Oh!” Amelia insists she will not be a problem. “I just want to dance.”

But as it should be in this line of work, Zoe needs to see her naked for this part of the interview. Amelia strips, all too quickly. “Lovely.” Ms. Rutherford does a devastating twirl and Zoe suggests (requires) that Amelia  walk around the club naked for a while to get used to it. Zoe clearly likes this part of management.

FADE. Amelia has already broken some rules by performing at a private party. Zoe wants her naked for this discussion. The first employment warning will be the aforementioned spanking. OTK, just a black thong. Zoe notices that Amelia’s bottom is already red.. “Oh dear.”  In general, we think Ms. Rutherford has avoided this filming conflict. Thong down. Zoe spanks hard, Amelia can take it. Zoe wants her knickers and files them for her “collection.”

As in the film ‘Over My Knee,’ Amelia will next be spanked in the Winchester position. She gets the strap, and she shouts so much Zoe gags her with those knickers. The paddle next. “Against the wall, stick your bottom out, spread your legs like the slut you are….you can dance the rest of the night with your knickers in your mouth…back to work.” Zoe loves all this.

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