9 to 5 LEDA Style – NUWEST

24 Nov

6F/m; year: 1994; time: 30 minutes

An odd version of the 1980 Hollywood film. Six LEDA ladies will work over their boss ‘Jack Wilson,’ and maybe do to him what any oppressed girl might fantasize. A naked male is strapped down over a trestle. We will never see his face or hear much from him. The six statuesque ladies Wilson has mistreated at the office will walk onto the set one at a time and have their fun with him, plus an extra.

We recognize some and catch names–Karen, Amy, Jill, Brenda, Maryellen. One girl will sit at the guy’s head and scold him while another girl flogs his back and butt.

For the finale, they take a gag out of his mouth–it had been as invisible as was his face. They want to hear him moan when the strap-on dildo finds its home. One girl does the duty, the  reaming seems not so real–the guy’s legs are strapped too close together and we don’t get the obligatory side view.

We are not  F/m fans,  we have said. This clunky film does not quite make it because of the directorial and staging lapses, but as always, we admire NUWEST’s inventiveness.

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