Petticoat Punishment (Janet Beckwith) – NUWEST

5 Dec

F/m; year: 2012; time: 29 minutes.

First, we’d like to gratefully acknowledge two ‘Compleat Readers’ who  have been pointing out adjustments which could be made to some of the 1000 NUWEST reviews we have written. Archeology.

Another odd film, copyrighted 2012, but surely much earlier,  featuring a performance from the late Janet Beckwith/Veronica Lord, young here.  This weak production was probably culled from the files. She will spank Ed Lee in three episodes, which details are not important to cinematic history. In the first episode, Lee is naked, on his hands and knees, scrubbing the floor of the empty set, with a pail and tiny brush. We know from his biographies he was a former Marine, so he knows how this is done.

A very young Beckwith, in short dark hair and trim figure, not so domme-like yet, sends Lee to the corner. He wears just a little apron and is careful not to flash his jewels. After some corner time,  she takes him OTK for a conventional but meaningful spanking. Lots of camera angles.

Next scene. Lee stands in the corner in a housedress. OTK again, he is wearing heels, pantyhose, and panties, the whole nine yards. He must have known he had customers for this. Small paddle, hurts more.

The third episode. Nurse ‘Jessica’ marches Lee to Beckwith. We don’t recognize the nurse, another indication of how old this film might be. Jessica is set up to sit and observe, the voyeur thing. They call him ‘Leon.’ Another OTK session, with the hairbrush. Crisp. They inspect his butt with some amusement in the corner at the conclusion.

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