We’re Going to Teach You a Lesson -SPANKINGSARAH

18 Dec

MF/f; time: 9 minutes

A ‘House of Correction’ story. Apparently Amelia Jane Rutherford spent some time here as an inmate; now she is a “member of staff.” She has forgotten some important rules very quickly. “You’re going to be caned by both of us…six strokes from each of us.” That would be ‘Aunt Katy’ and male ‘Parker.’ She’s never been caned by two people at once.

She is ordered to take off her smock; she is shocked, and we will see that the reason is she is wearing only panties underneath. “Knickers off.” “Why?” Naked now but for stockings, we can see a faint glow from another film. Over a high trestle, the two alternate cane strokes. Cute, as Amelia grabs in pain. Routine stuff. We assume Ms. Rutherford came to these studios  and made a series of short films.


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