Three Girls with Hairbrush – NUWEST

22 Dec

3F/ m; time: 30 minutes

Our title. Early, predictably clunky NW, and as we have said before, we seem now to be down to reviewing the less popular F/m films bouncing around. A tall blonde narrates, and she and brunettes ‘Veronica’ and ‘Ann’ will spank ‘Ronald.’ We’re told Ann has made a few other films for NW.

CUT. Off to a fast start, Ronald is over the blonde’s lap, his white shorts down, getting the hairbrush. Crisp. Little yelps, and they seem justified. Veronica and Ann watch and try to keep straight faces. We wIll not see Ronald’s face and hear only fragments of dialogue. Each girl will take a spanking turn of about 10 minutes. There are cuts between the girls- one could easily argue the guy needed a break.

Ann seems to spank the hardest with the hairbrush. Different camera angles throughout probably allowed the editing of repeats, once again, understandable. 30 minutes of this hairbrush could be not possible. And to conclude, “Never underestimate the power of the American woman.”

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