The New Constable South West Police#10 -SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM

28 Dec

M/f; year: 2010; time: 23 minutes

Kami Robertson was supposedly 18 years old in this film, and she does a good job of looking even younger. We see her being hired as a constable, she doesn’t even look like a meter maid. She explains the thrill of the job on the phone to a friend.. We see her changing into her  cute little uniform for the first time, and for some reason her panty selection is very important. She selects black lace skimpies, as if she has heard about her new police chief.

She reports to Chief Johnson, looking very demure and underaged. Johnson explains some department rules, including some sexist policies where “I employ corporal punishment” on the female officers. “What?….that was not in the job description.” Johnson goes on to explain that after spanking recalcitrant officers, they must display their bottoms in the station lobby. And, “Every new constable gets an initiation spanking.”

“The girls outside want to see your bottom. They’re standing outside.” Kami looks so forlorn and tiny, strong qualities of her acting. She gets a mild OTK spanking, Johnson takes her panties down, and after she jumps up and rubs, “Welcome!” Out the door she goes, we can hear a gauntlet clap-out.

Cut. We see Kami at home in bed, dreaming about being caned by Johnson. She has been smitten by the British vice.

‘A few days later’: We see four female officers in a lobby.  Kami is turning in terrible reports and she has been caught on camera making an improper arrest. Johnson will cane her, 12 mild shots on the bare,  nice bend over, some puss.

Cute plot and residual ideas. Let’s see that lobby display and those other officers.

One Response to “The New Constable South West Police#10 -SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM”

  1. naughtynora December 28, 2018 at 5:58 pm #

    Sounds like a must see!

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