Danielle – FAREAST

29 Dec

M/f: time: 37 minutes

Joe and his partner interview  a curly-haired blue-eyed brunette, who says she’s 18, but the boys laughingly agree they had  double-checked her ID. She looks good to go to us. She wears a strapless halter and white  jeans. She has answered an ad to make a spanking video.

The boys like to prod and pry. She likes sex and has experimented both ways. Lots of facial closeups in the POV style. After about 8 minutes, the boys want her clothes off. Slowly, the top over her head, no bra, jeans down, then loose white panties down. Surprisingly, the panties seem ill-fitted for such an important moment in a CP film.

The boys admire her naked and ask to see her bottom, not her favorite part, she says.     But we are spankos, it is ours. Joe loves it because he gets to spank her. Her nervous laughter and her constant adjustment of her top contribute to the suggestion this is a one-timer in a hotel room.

OTK she goes, for a long and conventional naked spanking, very hard and consistent. No punches pulled. The spanking is consensual and part of the story of course, but Danielle’s garrulous self changes as the smacking advances. Heavy red-rouge  mottling. We have reviewed thousands of spankings, and this simple drill is as good as any of them. Danielle yelps along, and seems genuinely disappointed when the pauses to fondle and stroke are followed by more spanking.

Unlike  most of the FAREAST films we have reviewed, there will be no sex here, nor does Joe grope or frig, despite the target an inch away.



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