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30 Jan

M/2f; time: 12 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sarah Gregory, and another one of the small circle of trusted male spankers, Robert Shore. The girls gossip on a bed in their pajamas. Shore knocks and enters. It seems they ‘borrowed’ his car, couldn’t talk their way out of a police stop, and the car was impounded. Seems like a good deal to us, two world class bottoms to spank over and over for just some towing fees.

Sarah is spanked first on her pj’s. Amelia is always so cute acting ‘shocked.’ Pajama bottoms down, print panties—they come down. Amelia gets the same—perfect striped panties. Sarah rubs in the background. Both bare bottoms kneeling on the bed and rubbing.



30 Jan

M/f; time: 12 minutes

’Dodgy Dave’ plays Amelia Jan Rutherford’s  butler in this discardable. She plays a bratty heiress—her drinking water is warm, there is no tea,etc. He has enough of her and takes her OTK.

Normal squawking from her, skirt up, black lace panties. When she feels his fingers in the waistband of her elastic, “I will kill you if you do.” A bit much with the squawking.  Nose to the wall, bare bottom.


Visit to Mistress Jadie – NORTHERNSPANKING

30 Jan

F/2f; year: 2012; time: 15 minutes

Despite this release date, some of these short and inconsequential NORTHERNSPANKING films seem of the same vintage. Amelia Jane Rutherford, Aleesha Fox, and Jadie Reese. Ms. Reese, not all that intimidating in her dominatrix kit, will spank Aleesha and Amelia together. The girls kneel up on a long padded bench for handspanking, a slapper, and a floppy paddle. The girls gradually strip to bra and panties, and as usual Amelia does not wear a bra. OTK at the end.


30 Jan

M/2f; time: 16 minutes; year: 2006

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Syra Garcia, and Hywel Phillips. A bit of a trifle from these stars. Amelia and Syra mug in silly elf costumes for a photo shoot with Hywel. The girls jostle and argue between them, taking up expensive studio time. Hywel decides to spank them, which takes time also, but it is surely worth it to him.

He will spank Amelia first then Syra, in front of the prop stepladder they were using. Mostly mild stuff, panties down, handspanking, doubled strap. Hywel holds Amelia in place by her hair. She is very young here.

Breaking the Habit – Late For Work – SPANKINGSARAH

30 Jan

F/f; time: 14 minutes

Way out there on the plot continuum. Nuns (one is Sarah Stern) entice prostitutes into their clutches, for spanking and recruitment. Amelia Jane Rutherford answers what she thinks is a client and arrives ‘knock knock.’ Amelia thinks this is a joke, that the nuns, habit is part of the sex game they want to play. There will be some minor costume malfunctions.

An older Amelia here, it would seem. She wears a blue knit smock. The nuns scold Amelia. “Stop talking, if that is possible,” dialogue directed at Amelia before by Stern in several movies. She is dragged OTK, black panties. Sarah can spank with two hands.

Somehow, they recruit Amelia as a novice. She is sent off to dress and prepare for inspection. Certainly we have here the potential for adjustment spankings. Sequel.

Sixth Form Spanking -SAMSDIARIES

30 Jan

F/2f; time: 10 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sam Johnson in exquisite full schoolgirl kit. Sam argues with Amelia over some notations she made in her homework. Amelia looks so very young here, almost her GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL  image. Sam will spank Amelia for what she has done. There is some suggestion of amusement between the two models.      Panties down, a big floppy strap, not much of a spanking as these things go.


30 Jan

2F/3f; time: 1 hr 7 minutes

Warriors Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia Ann Woods, and Andi Switch, and impresario  Sam Johnson. Leia and Amelia both young here. We would put this vintage at about 2006, when Ms. Rutherford and Samantha Johnson were making films for STRICTLYENGLISH. Some of that cast appears in SAMSDIARIES. The girls are perfectly kitted as schoolgirls. Andi is a school mistress. She has discovered that the girls are forging sick notes for students and have earned 40 pounds in the process.

The girls’ denials evaporate, and Amelia’s shock when she realizes punishment is coming is always entertaining. The girls will pay back the 40 pounds but they will also be spanked. Leia is taken OTK first. We are in a well-appointed sitting room. Skirt up, white panties down, Amelia sneaks peeks. Conventional prototypical schoolgirl spanking. Amelia is spanked next, her little pigtails keep her face clear. Wonderful white panties, and the usual caterwauling.

After the girls’ handspankings, we move to the slipper. Both the girls stand, hands on head, panties at thighs, and get smacked.

Phase 2, as these schoolgirl things go. Leia: “What is that?” “A strap, Leia…..kneel on the chair.” She gets a conventional strapping and Amelia the same.

After a bottom inspection and more scolding: “You’re going to get caned.” The girls are shocked, you wonder why. Amelia: “Is that even legal?” A cane is selected. “Leia, touch your toes.” About 20 strokes shown, mixed camera angles permit repeats. Yelps. Amelia is caned next, she jumps or collapses on most of the 20 strokes. And she flinches like no one else at swooshes.  The girls stand for inspection.

Sam Johnson joins the scene. She is the glamorous blond graduate of this school, and when she inserts a video disc which purports to show her acting, it is actually a naughty clandestine film of Andi Switch being spanked by another teacher in a sexual escapade. Sam just wants revenge, some payback for her own spankings—-this is not blackmail. She is going to spank Andi, in front of the girls, as they were just spanked, and as Sam was.

Lots of turnabout storylines in CP which have the effect of extending the film, and this is a long one. Sam proceeds to spank Andi in just the same way—OTK handspanking, strap on the chair, and the cane.


29 Jan

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A lush film, referenced as ‘vintage’ for SPANKINGFORPLEASURE  PARADOX. Very entertaining and naughty ageplay, parallel to JANUS’ ‘The Disciplinarian,’ one of the earliest breakthrough classics in all of CP, by all reviewers’ measures. We have our description on this blog.

’Reggie’ (we may be wrong about his name- he reads this blog) plays a headmaster. Plenty of unabashed pervy ageplay here.  Blonde ‘Antonia’ has been caught smoking. She has been sent to him at his house- a wonderful opening scene of her knocking and waiting apprehensively for admittance. Reggie receives her,scolds, and orders her back at 9 pm. She will be getting 8 strokes of the cane. It is to be private, no record, just their secret.

9 pm. Antonia returns. She shrinks as the Head screams at her. “Take off that skirt.” The scene is a heavily decorated drawing room. Skirt off, Antonia wears loose-fitting flesh colored knickers. She is sweetly helpless. The first four cane strokes are on the panties. Antonia squeals and jumps realistically,  behaving reflexively like other girls we have seen in  films when they were shocked by the pain. The Head is displeased. “Take those knickers down…..give them to me.” Four more on the bare—Antonia just can’t stand them.

Take off that blouse!” Like so many models in CP films wearing costumes unfamiliar to them, she fusses  with the buttons and takes awhile to get it off. But good tension. A matching lacy bra. She covers up sweetly, but she is almost naked now. “Three more.”

After a fade, Antonia has managed to get her knickers back on. The Head announces a “new humiliation.” She will do PT exercises—stretching, touch toes, jogging in place. “I want to smell your sweat.”  Not likely, she is so dainty. She must take off her bra and those “ridiculous” knickers. She stands naked at the prototype British fireplace mantel.

Antonia gets the strap now, standing, hands on head. Tears. She bends over, trying to cover up. A leather paddle makes her scream. We assume there is no one in the house at this hour. Her bottom develops the classsic combination of marks. She turns to face the Head for palm slaps. She has given up much of her inhibition at being naked. In his parlor, she  will be required to remain bare for 30 minutes while Reggie  catches a smoke and contemplates his next move.

Sisters of Purity – WELLSMACKEDSEATS

25 Jan

F/2f; time; 47 minutes

A ‘Girl Next Door’ production, and so goofy it is worth some of your time. ‘Miss Matthews,’ Amelia Jane Rutherford, and ‘Rebecca.’ The three actresses will be in nun’s habits for the whole film, except, of course,  when they are wearing little or nothing at all. Matthews plays a mother superior with her two novices, and she likes corporal  punishment.

In a faux exterior setting of cloistered halls, Amelia and  Rebecca learn it is time again for their sins to be purged. To  a soundtrack of Gregorian chants, the girls pull up their habits. Goodness, they are not wearing any panties. The first spanking phase will be the strap, three sets of seven. Mother can’t help but stroke Amelia. “Beautiful bottom.” “Thank you, Mother.”

It is an episodic film. The girls are sent to the prayer room, which looks more like a punishment room, with spanking implements hanging on racks. The girls actually strip down to just headdresses, no bras, and never any panties. Lots of  unembarrassed puss as they move about. Bend over a chair for the strap. Hands on head, full frontals. Mother has an armload of implements.

The girls get a larger tawse now, excellent shots up their legs from the floor. The girls touch palms for an even larger tawse. The girls are sent away, out a door so low Ms. Rutherford has a struggle.

After some scriptures, the girls will take turns lying on a bench face down Russian style, the other girl sitting astride and naked, riding cowboy. More strapping for both girls in this position. Very inventive convent, this is.

The caning session  comes next. The girls bend at the wall. Still a lot of frontals. Mother reminds them that “‘Revelations’ is full of caning.” The girls get multiple sets. Mother: “Look how Amelia’s legs quiver.” When the girls are finally dismissed, Mother swooshes the cane in satisfaction.



25 Jan

M/f; year: 2012; time: 16 minutes

Stephen Lewis and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Devastating Ms. Rutherford wears a little blue dress. She stands at a window, hands on head. Lewis is going to spank her and takes her OTK, admiring the target with gentle fondling. Skirt up, white lace panties, lace stockings, garters. Tears come quickly. Amelia actually shivers as Lewis fondles.

Amelia stands and takes her panties off and retakes the OTK position. Slow and sexy. Lewis spanks harder. Amelia collapses and sobs on the floor, retakes her position in front of the window, now bare bottom. Lewis admires his work then they hug.