New Staff Member – SPANKINGSARAH

8 Jan

F/f; time: 15 minutes

We will sometime divine the connection among STRAND VIDEO, ENGLISH SPANKERS, and SPANKINGSARAH. Cast and furniture seem interchangeable.

Amelia Jane Rutherford has been hired by Katie Didit as a staffer for a women’ s detention facility. This may be part of the ‘House of Correction’ series, where Amelia was an inmate in other films. You’re going to tell us the inmates are now running the asylum, but this former inmate is not immune to consequences. Katie has to rush off and leave Amelia on charge, so Katie ensures that Amelia has read the manual and knows policy on things. Amelia lolls about and gets into the wine and strawberries.She falls for inmate Cherry’s claim that she has off-campus privileges.

Katie saw Cherry downtown. She had reminded Amelia she practices corporal punishment. “You know how I deal with people.” She confronts Amelia. “You are going to get punished.” Amelia sees the paddle. “Oh, no!”

The scene is funny here, because Ms. Rutherford  must be at least 15” taller than Didit. Amelia bends over the kitchen table, working uniform s OTK co es up  white panties. After some spanking, she must take the smock off, and we are used to this—she wears only the panties underneath. Panties down, the spanking continues, and harder, good low shots of this. Lots of pink, and lovely nakedness.


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