Amelia’s Sunday Spankings – RESTRAINEDELEGANCE

10 Jan

M/f; time: 1 hr 8 minutes

We review this film separately from the rest of Amelia Jane Rutherford’s RESTRAINEDELEGANCE work because it is a bit more ambitious and not in the short clip format. Amelia/Ariel is with husband Hywel Phillips. One hour plus of basically nude glamor vIdeo from Ms. Rutherford. The storyline: Amelia will keep a diary of domestic transgressions and there will be a punishment every Sunday. Amelia poses on a red couch in a grey outfit—we continue to marvel at how fetching she remains after all these years. There will be a series of domestic scenes, tasteful well lit rooms pretty much devoid of the distracting personal touch. We have to chuckle at some CP films where stuff is just pushed out of the way or otherwise sloppy. The sets at RESTRAINEDELEGANCE are just as carefully crafted as is Ms. Rutherford.

Hywel spanks her first on white panties as she reads from her diary. Panties down, hairbrush. Echoes in the large room. Lots of banter between the two. And the soles of her feet are clean! Flat on the couch, 18 from the strap. Lots of pretty face and bottom.

Segue–successive Sundays. Amelia is in bed, Hywel wakes her and has the diary. She wears a cute pink nightie. OTK on the bed, panties down. A graphic reports they had technical difficulties  in this scene. Amelia kneels bottom high on the bed for a light caning.

Segue–Tea time in another room. Amelia fully dressed and her hair has been curled here. Hywel will use a lash on her on the table, slacks down, blue panties. He takes the panties down and switches to  a doubled belt.

Segue–A different bedroom, Amelia strips naked and waits for Hywel, taking up her best pose on her haunches. Hywel  arrives and canes her. Lovely bottom and stripes here.

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