10 Jan

F/f; time: 16 minutes

Improbable plots are acceptable in CP films. This is a prequel to ‘Neighborhood Watch.’ Amelia Jane Rutherford has assumed some role from the parish council as a neighborhood watch person and has chosen to enter neighbor Sarah Stern’s house to snoop. She doesn’t like the men coming and going from the house.

As she investigates, she finds a spanking trestle and a bag of implements. Stern catches her of course. After a long scold and talk, we discern that Sarah is a dominatrix servicing clients here. One of her clients is the village vicar!

Amelia wears a tight yellow knit dress. Sarah threatens to blackmail her by accusing her of being a sneak  thief, unless she takes a spanking. OTK, hem of dress up, white panties. Sarah plays with Amelia’s bottom and works a knee between her legs. Standard spanking, panties don’t last long.

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