11 Jan

M/f; time: 18 minutes

The continuing premise Dallas liked to cultivate–women were brought to him to be spanked, punished. Here, an older blond Russian woman is in the studio  with her husband for some obedience training. Dallas interviews her POV-style and explains the procedure. “Five hard one-minute spankings.”

She will start off with the humiliation  process used at DSH. To the door, hands on head, then dress off. She wears just a black bra and what amounts to a G-string. She was ready for this. Dallas has her drop her thong and assume the position–bottom out, hands on head, elbows touch the wall. She must wait for him in this embarrassing position. Dallas takes her to another room. The bra has disappeared. OTK on the couch, the one-minute sessions will begin.

They are straight handspankings, each one a little harder. Facials, tears come. Despite the announcement for five sessions, there are only four. The fourth is repeated. It suggests the session had to be cut short. At one point, the ‘husband’ pops into the shot to sooth her, not knowing the camera is rolling. Dallas give her a “treat” to conclude, cooling gel on the skin pops, done in  closeup. Seems certain this spanking went further than they intended. And just handspankings.

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