11 Jan

F/f; time: 16 minutes

A silly exercise,  mercifully short. Zoe Page and Amelia Jane Rutherford gossip on a couch about their sorority. The actresses try to portray low-end girls, which, at least, Ms. Rutherford can not quite pull off. She wears a blue top and white skirt. “I may be a little drunk.” Zoe wears a halter and shorts.

Zoe plays with Amelia’s sweater and starts to unbutton it. Amelia screeches when Zoe twists her nipples. Finally, some OTK spanking play at 5 minutes, Amelia’s white transparent knickers come down. There is some maneuvering to get Amelia into the diaper position, which would have been good, because she hasn’t got any knickers on, but she wiggles away. We will have to wait for ELEGANCESTUDIOS for this consummation. Zoe wants desperately to get between Amelia’s legs.

The girls finally take their tops off—Amelia is actually naked—for a lesbian embrace. Neither actress is very good at it.

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