Sandy’s Sizzling Spanking – KURTSTEVENS

13 Jan

M/f; year: 1990; time: 39 minutes

An older film, at least by the standards of the evolution of the CP film  business. This short-lived Philadelphia producer certainly had the feel of NUWEST in the same early 1990’s–cheap and skimpy sets, zero budgets,  girls with big hair, awkward lighting and sound, stiff acting, and modest spankings, at least for STEVENS.

Kurt Stevens himself may be playing the lead here. He growls on the phone at a vendor at his desk and must hurry out to fix something. He leaves Sandy to get some critical documents into express mail, setting the assured spanking scenario. Sandy is an early Julie Roberts-type, with fluffy big blond New Jersey hair. Sandy fritters away the last critical minutes to prepare the mail by talking on the phone with a girlfriend.

Stevens returns and is furious. Now he must drive the mail to the distribution point. He fires Sandy, telling her that if she were a daughter of his, she would have gotten a good spanking.

FADE. Stevens at home, on a sleazy couch in a minimally furnished room. Sandy knocks and is invited in. She wants to apologize. She wears a white skirt, blue top, and white go-go boots. She begs for her job back and hesitatingly suggests that she might accept one of those spankings. Stevens feigns caution and reluctance, but then quickly  drafts a waiver on a yellow pad, and has her sign.

FADE. Well into the film, the spanking will start. OTK on the couch. Skirt up, loose white satin panties. We have never understood for some of these fringe studios, why the girls didn’t wear fitted tight panties, which would seem to have been so essential to a spanking film. Did we miss some fashion trend? Stevens himself clears the hair off her face and pins her wrists behind her.

He shifts the spanking to a straight chair, always best for the proper OTK stroke motion. Long and routine spanking so far. Some corner time.

Another FADE (needed for resting? Certainly not for scenery adjustment); Sandy kneels up on the chair and bends over its back for a small paddle. Then back OTK, and finally, panties down. Overhead shots and some tears. Corner time again, bare. Hugs and job back.

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