Being Keith Jones – SPANKINGEPICS

17 Jan

2M/3f; year: 2005;time: 1 hr 6 minutes

’Trouble In Carson’s Gap’  Part 1 of a trilogy. Keith Jones revisits his spanking therapist and lives out fantasies to slake his spanking desires. On the couch, after some surely spiked tea, we dissolve into his time travel dream in a somewhat silly costume drama. This will not be a ‘Longmire’ for sure. Producer Jones surely did put a lot of effort into this film.

Keith plays the sheriff of Carson’s Gap and Steve Fuller his deputy. Three fake nuns—CP stars, ‘Erica Scott’ as  a mother superior, and ‘Paris Kennedy’ and newbie ‘Sierra Salem’ as  novices, carrying carpet bags, arrive in town ostensibly to set up an orphanage. Actually, they intend to take legal control of a saloon and do what girls did out West.

The  girls have run away from an abusive household—we are treated to some spankingflashbacks. Their father whips the and their bloomers fall open.

The film contains an annoying overdubbing of music. To drown incongruous traffic or airplan noises? The sheriff and his deputy do not trust the nuns. Fuller catches the two younger girls swimming in the nude. He roughs them up and spanks them at creek side. Silly stuff.

”Where are your drawers?” the deputy asks. But the girls are skinny dipping. (Maybe the room we haven’t come across this film is its impenetrable nature, this exchange in point.

Sheriff Keith finds a chance to spank the girls in his office. We give up on the plot.

In succeeding scenes, the girls seem to have gotten control of the saloon and are entertaining customers, to the consternation of the townsfolk. The sheriff and his deputy grab the girls and spank them more. Keith wakes up from his time travel dream, so we can stop trying to decipher this morass.

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