Sisters of Purity – WELLSMACKEDSEATS

25 Jan

F/2f; time; 47 minutes

A ‘Girl Next Door’ production, and so goofy it is worth some of your time. ‘Miss Matthews,’ Amelia Jane Rutherford, and ‘Rebecca.’ The three actresses will be in nun’s habits for the whole film, except, of course,  when they are wearing little or nothing at all. Matthews plays a mother superior with her two novices, and she likes corporal  punishment.

In a faux exterior setting of cloistered halls, Amelia and  Rebecca learn it is time again for their sins to be purged. To  a soundtrack of Gregorian chants, the girls pull up their habits. Goodness, they are not wearing any panties. The first spanking phase will be the strap, three sets of seven. Mother can’t help but stroke Amelia. “Beautiful bottom.” “Thank you, Mother.”

It is an episodic film. The girls are sent to the prayer room, which looks more like a punishment room, with spanking implements hanging on racks. The girls actually strip down to just headdresses, no bras, and never any panties. Lots of  unembarrassed puss as they move about. Bend over a chair for the strap. Hands on head, full frontals. Mother has an armload of implements.

The girls get a larger tawse now, excellent shots up their legs from the floor. The girls touch palms for an even larger tawse. The girls are sent away, out a door so low Ms. Rutherford has a struggle.

After some scriptures, the girls will take turns lying on a bench face down Russian style, the other girl sitting astride and naked, riding cowboy. More strapping for both girls in this position. Very inventive convent, this is.

The caning session  comes next. The girls bend at the wall. Still a lot of frontals. Mother reminds them that “‘Revelations’ is full of caning.” The girls get multiple sets. Mother: “Look how Amelia’s legs quiver.” When the girls are finally dismissed, Mother swooshes the cane in satisfaction.


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