29 Jan

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A lush film, referenced as ‘vintage’ for SPANKINGFORPLEASURE  PARADOX. Very entertaining and naughty ageplay, parallel to JANUS’ ‘The Disciplinarian,’ one of the earliest breakthrough classics in all of CP, by all reviewers’ measures. We have our description on this blog.

’Reggie’ (we may be wrong about his name- he reads this blog) plays a headmaster. Plenty of unabashed pervy ageplay here.  Blonde ‘Antonia’ has been caught smoking. She has been sent to him at his house- a wonderful opening scene of her knocking and waiting apprehensively for admittance. Reggie receives her,scolds, and orders her back at 9 pm. She will be getting 8 strokes of the cane. It is to be private, no record, just their secret.

9 pm. Antonia returns. She shrinks as the Head screams at her. “Take off that skirt.” The scene is a heavily decorated drawing room. Skirt off, Antonia wears loose-fitting flesh colored knickers. She is sweetly helpless. The first four cane strokes are on the panties. Antonia squeals and jumps realistically,  behaving reflexively like other girls we have seen in  films when they were shocked by the pain. The Head is displeased. “Take those knickers down…..give them to me.” Four more on the bare—Antonia just can’t stand them.

Take off that blouse!” Like so many models in CP films wearing costumes unfamiliar to them, she fusses  with the buttons and takes awhile to get it off. But good tension. A matching lacy bra. She covers up sweetly, but she is almost naked now. “Three more.”

After a fade, Antonia has managed to get her knickers back on. The Head announces a “new humiliation.” She will do PT exercises—stretching, touch toes, jogging in place. “I want to smell your sweat.”  Not likely, she is so dainty. She must take off her bra and those “ridiculous” knickers. She stands naked at the prototype British fireplace mantel.

Antonia gets the strap now, standing, hands on head. Tears. She bends over, trying to cover up. A leather paddle makes her scream. We assume there is no one in the house at this hour. Her bottom develops the classsic combination of marks. She turns to face the Head for palm slaps. She has given up much of her inhibition at being naked. In his parlor, she  will be required to remain bare for 30 minutes while Reggie  catches a smoke and contemplates his next move.

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