Spanking Sessions with Mr. Richards – RESTRAINEDELEGANCE

24 Feb

M/f; time: 1 hour plus

Amelia Jane Rutherford and her husband Hywel Phillips. Amelia answers an Internet ad to be given a spanking and makes an appointment on the phone. They concoct the fantasy scenario—she has been speeding and wrecked her car.

Amelia goes to see Barney Richards. She wears a tan sweater, flower print skirt, and heels, always heels. They have a long talk at what amounts to a kitchen table, where the procedures are explained. He shows her the martinet he will use.

Soon, she bends over the table. Skirt up, white panties, garters and stockings. Panties down, mild martinet, then OTK on a chair. She steps out of her panties in the transition.

In a second part, Richards surprises her and barges in at her job. He carries a knapsack, from which he pulls a collection of implements. Amelia wears a short skirt,  blouse, glasses, and her hair is up. She advises her office she cannot be disturbed and lies over the arm of a leather couch.  White panties down, Richards begins with a paddle then switches to a cane bundle. She stands, panties puddled, grabbing  her ankles. This session concludes with her sitting bare bottom on the cold leather.

The third part. Amelia’s spanking sessions continue. This time she calls on Richards at his house. Notes direct her to enter and proceed to the Japanese room. She is so tall she has to duck to pass through the English cottage door. The Japanese room is the same decorated set used in several RESTRAINEDELEGANCE films.

A spanking trestle and implements are set out in preparation. She is again directed to change into horse riding habit, the clothes changing taking a long time.  She bends over the trestle and waits. Richards arrives.

He snaps a riding crop across her jodhpurs, mild enough. This is a long film. She stands, he helps her to unfasten and drop her pants. Black flower print panties. She wriggles her bottom under more cropping. Richards pulls the panties down and switches to a strap. Facial view repeats and appealing low shots. And much harder.

Brief frontal view as Amelia dresses, such a nice little cared-for trim. She leaves her panties behind and gets a few more of the crop for good measure.

Part 4, a return to the Japanese room. Amelia wears her tan sweater and flower skirt. Richards accompanies. The spanking implements are laid out on backlit shelves. Over the trestle again, skirt up, white panties. Her bottom is still red.

A succession of implements now—crop, paddle, heavy strap, rugbeater, martinet, tawse,  and finally the cane. Panties down, she will never strip all the way for Richards. Some fondling, Amelia smiles in satisfaction and they embrace.

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