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Screen Tests -Caned Journalists – SMAX

20 Mar

M/2f; time: 38 minutes

A British producer we are  not familiar with. But screen tests are always a good excuse. A girl is escorted into a producer’s book-lined office. Blonde Claire is a journalist. CP film scenes are discussed. She wants to write a piece on them. “You should have some experience on what you are writing about.” Another girl, Jeanine, has joined.

The girls see his collection of spanking tools. “You’ve got some interesting implements on your desk.” Both girls are bent over the desk, panties down, for a routine handspanking. A director’s “cut” wasn’t edited out. Claire is  not liking this, accusing Jeanine of being excited. Strap and tawse, bare bottoms, nothing unusual.

Jeanine gets the cane,about 17 strokes, hard enough to keep us counting. She isn’t bothered at all, even some nasties on her buttocks crease. The producer will switch to a “senior cane,” he explains it is thicker. She grabs her ankles—known to be the most painful position. 13 strokes.

Claire has been mouthing off, but she will escape the cane.



20 Mar

F/f; time: 28 minutes

Amelia Jane Rutherford with her buddy Zoe Page. The set is the FIRMHAND space used in ‘Marks of 10’ and other recent series. Here the camera is pulled back so we can see some of the furniture used in other series. Zoe arrives at Amelia’s residence. Zoe is  a truant officer. As much as we have declared our fascination for her, she does not play authority figures well. Zoe gets these parts.

Amelia is matron-like in red sweater, pink skirt, and glasses. A delicious plot—Amelia can be prosecuted for her daughter’s truancy. “Sorry is not going to help.” “Is there anything else you can do?” “A spanking is involved.” “For me?”

After the perfunctory discussion, Amelia will take the spanking. OTK, skirt up, pantyhose and flower print  panties come down. When Amelia stands she flashes some fuzz and tries to cover up. Silly scolding.

OTK again for the hairbrush. Zoe pins Amelia’s  legs with her own. Amelia stands, Zoe leaves. Somehow Zoe has the power to make Amelia stand with her hands on her head. Silly tears but a nice bottom rub.


Spanking Court-Unhappy Return for Alex

8 Mar

M/f; year: 2011; time: 20 minutes

Another impressive spanking at this most corny ‘court.’ Once you’re past the silly opening court procedures and the testimony, we get to the punishment room and some rocking paddlings.

Alex has been here before, and now she has been caught protesting and giving the police a hard time. The judge awards her 200 swats of the wooden paddle, and there is no appeal in this court. Alex is quickly taken to the punishment room where she appears in front of the spanking bench in orange scrubs. She drops her pants and panties and knows how to climb onto the bench.

Her knees on pads, her belly on the flat pad, her wrists are cuffed. The male guard uses a Spencer paddle and lays on 200 impressive  strokes, which Alex counts aloud. No attempts at repeats work in this method. The guard varies the strokes to even out the bruises. Alex’s concluding mug shot includes one of her bruised bottom. Too bad there aren’t more in this series, a bountiful theme.


Jodi Does Leg Humping – NUWEST

8 Mar

F/m; time: 19 minutes

Another film surfaces with the FEMALE/male theme. And probably another example of how deep Ed Lee chose to dig for stories. Jodi Cline plays a dominatrix. She is spanking a naked male over her lap. He must be a soldier, because we can see some fading cane marks on his butt.

The handcuffed guy kneels on the floor and rubs his cock on Jodi’s legs until he cums. The camera shots are not great, but as Jodi helps him along with her hand, we get some sense of how he got the part.



6 Mar

2M/2f; time: 8 minutes

Dodgy Dave, Michael Stamp, Zoe Page, Ariel Anderssen. More of the classic CP stars pulled together for this short film. This is a silly exercise, except for the presence of two very pervy uncles.

The men confront Zoe and Ariel for their misuse of their cell phones. They will grab them on their bed, get their pants down, and spank them simultaneously. And why not, the guys switch bottoms. The girls squeal.

Credit Card Denied -SAMSDIARIES

5 Mar

M/f; time: 13 minutes

A film made by Amelia Jane Rutherford early in her career, apparently on the set used by STRICTLYENGLISH. Ms. Rutherford, delicious as always, can’t pay her hotel bill. ‘Sandy Cameron,’ or ‘Angus,’ plays the hotel manager who tells Amelia her credit  card has been declined. He knows a good thing when he sees one and Amelia does not look uncomfortable with a little bartering.

The naughtiest version of credit card misuse we have seen is CALSTAR’s ‘Room Service,’ where CP queen Sophie Fennington played a pigtailed schoolgirl who got spanked for using her father’s credit.

A very young Amelia. She is wearing a formal blue dress, with one of those necklines    cut in a ‘V’ down to her waist. She quickly accepts the manager’s offer of a spanking for payment. OTK, dress up, black panties down, a sexy but routine spanking. We are just starting.

The manager gets a strap. Amelia bends over the desk. Panties come down again. After a strapping, “You’re going to take the cane.” Amelia will now negotiate. For two nights at the hotel, “How many strokes of the cane for that?” “12.” She is quite lucky, we thought. Routine stuff except the scenery.


Spanked Females 2 – NUWEST

4 Mar

MF/ f; time: 40 minutes

Nine separate OTK spanking scenes, almost all F/f. Very old stuff here, and nothing new by advanced CP film standards. The models all seem to predate the development of the cast at NUWEST. The usual awful graphics, film quality, and acting. But there is a certain authenticity to the spankings themselves. These girls don’t seem to have delveloped the tough skin you might see later.

The girls are mostly brunettes, and conventional in appearance, not so much looking like off a flight from Las Vegas. We won’t detail the nine episodes, except to say  the spanking rituals are carefully preserved—panties down slowly, kicking feet, mild struggling, and a few nods to the schoolgirl thing.