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Spanked Roommates BIZARRE

31 Mar

Three vignettes- F/f; M/f; M/2f.  Time: 60 minutes Josie Harrison Marks directs.

We don’t need to detail this silly film. Lorraine Ansell, Zoe Rose, and Barbara Carlisle are credited. Two girls spank each other, a couple argue and the guy spanks his wife— at least he has implements in the house.

The couple catches two girls and spank them. We were too bored to ascertain plot details. Another guy appears: “I can tend to your behinds.” He oils them. Skip this one.


Belt Spanking for Curfew -REALSPANKING

30 Mar

M/2f; time: 12   minutes

Kiki and Isabella will get a belt spanking from Masterson for missing curfew. The girls seem nervous. They are whipped in several positions, and Masterson gets to the bare skin. Not much of note here, except another reminder that this site is one of the most severe in the genre. Look at Isabella’s far buttock.

Kiki and Isabella get strap and for Kiki a double strap. The girls are induced to apologize.


30 Mar

We will collect appearances for this older model’s performances  at RSN.

’with Betty’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) Betty gives the blonde a bare bottom spanking on the hassock in the sitting room. Alternate views.

’classroom surveillance camera’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) We wish RSN had done more of these voyeur formats. A black and white silent surveillance camera captures London reporting to Masterson in the classroom. She reports with a note to this the ‘assistant principal’s office.’ She must first sign a punishment waiver. Hands on stool, the very big paddle on her jeans. This stirring paddling is repeated in color, the angle low and erotic. Masterson is actually out of breath here. Very red bottom displayed.

’more surveillance’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) More silent film. In the classroom, Masterson requires London to strip naked. She lies over a stool for a doubled strap. She is sent to the corner. The scene is repeated in color. Masterson leaves her to get something “more effective.”


She Never Learns – AAASPANKING

30 Mar

M/f; time: 9 minutes

Glasgow warriors John Osborne and Delirious Hunter. She is a petite bleach blonde here. She is sleeping in two piece pajamas, always a good start in any spanking film. She cuddles a teddy bear. Osborne is just the guy to turn this scene to advantage.

Osborne wakes her and makes her drop her pants. She already has a red bottom. He will take her temperature rectally. Very sweet. When the reading is normal, she must be faking illness. Time for a spanking.

OTK, bare bottom, a big hairbrush. She lies flat on the bed and then kneels up for more. Osborne can always be relied on.

Paying Attention – SPANKINGSARAH

30 Mar

F/f: time: 20 minutes

Warriors Zoe Page and Amelia Jane Rutherford again, in a bit of a trifle. The girls return home from a party. Zoe is mad that Amelia does not pay attention to her and will spank here for it. Good pre-bedtime activity.

Amelia wears a little black dress, and when she is OTK, her black panties come down. Standard spanking. Amelia gets up and hobbles around in her lowered panties while Zoe gets the implements. Frisk position at the familiar closet doors. Mild ping pong paddle, floppy paddle, big tawse. Amelia’s panties are stuffed in your mouth for a gag, the best part.


27 Mar

M/f; time: 39 minutes

Another longer film from the Phillips,’ and a lot of fun. Amelia plays the vicar’s wife. She calls on a parishioner (Earl Grey) to apologize for having double-booked the parish hall and messed up his daughter’s birthday party. She wears a tight white skirt and dark breezy blouse.

Amelia can not avoid a thorough scolding, and also cannot avoid a spanking Grey is going to give her.  She is made to hike her skirt and she displays transparent green panties. There are some bruises. Panties come down. “I want to see the evidence.” Grey takes her OTK. “We must make a proper job of this.” She admits her husband was “very cross” and “he spanked me.” “How?”

Grey wants to see the bruises from the vicar and makes her take off her panties. Back OTK, bare bottom. What a lapful she always is. She towers over Grey, a comparison FIRMHAND could always disguise. Amelia makes no effort to cover her puss. Floppy paddle. Panties on the floor.

She kneels on the couch. Grey wants better swings. Loud and colorful. Amelia always delivers.  She admits the vicar gave her 8 strokes. When Grey caresses her bottom, Amelia jumps. More handspanking, then Amelia is allowed to dress and leave.

New scene. Amelia returns to Grey’s house  wearing a new outfit. (Of course, it’s Ms. Rutherford.) It’s a  flower print skirt and yellow sweater. Apparently she’s been talking around the village about Grey’s proclivities and wasn’t afraid to return to his house. He will use a cane this time. Amelia plays horrified. She pulls up her skirt and  takes down her white panties herself. She bends over, 6 cane strokes. Usual holler from Amelia and caning flair from Grey.



26 Mar

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A longer film from this studio, some of it in the POV style. Amelia Jane Rutherford is narrating. She sits in a fully decorated parlor. It seems she has lost a promotion at her bank job. ‘Vanessa Hogerty’ got the job, and Amelia sits on a pillow, just having been spanked at the bank for something. . Interesting Human Resources policies at this bank. Amelia wears office attire of jacket, blouse, and skirt.

Amelia is forced to submit to “corporation discipline,” and is summoned to the punishment room. The bank has such space. Amelia can hear another girl screaming in the room, a little detail wonderfully emulated from RIGIDEAST or NUWEST. Another erotic little detail for us, Amelia must wait out in the hall in her undies. And for her, this always means lacy finery. We wish someone would walk by. She has to keep her hands on her head.

The screaming girl exits, rubbing her bottom. Earl Grey calls her in. The set is the familiar FIRMHAND office. Amelia tries to explain herself and the opinions she posted on Facebook. As Grey discusses the spanking coming, the camera pans Amelia’s body. Amelia is very good at acting nervous. OTK first. She is ordered to pull down her panties, and she expresses the indignation we never tire of. Panties off completely, OTK again, Amelia is not shy to give Grey the full frontal.

Zoom to her discarded panties. Nice. Amelia is given written notice that there will be more spankings.