Amelia Jane Rutherford -STRICTMISS

1 Mar

Ms. Rutherford, as the persona of Ariel Anderssen, in a series of brief and unremarkable appearances on this website with a ‘Miss  K.’ Identified as NAUGHTY OFFICE  PRODUCTIONS/THE-ENGLISH-GOVERNESS.  Amelia plays a housemaid or student resident of some kind. Whatever it is, she is vulnerable to getting spanked for just about anything. No titles. Mostly a nudie show, not unappreciated.

‘Improper  dress’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia does one of her usual grand entrances down a staircase into the familiar room with the fireplace. She is wearing a short white skirt and a loose flower print blouse. Mistress K claims she can see through the skirt. We couldn’t.  K. Is scolding from off screen. Amelia preens like the figure model    she is.

Amelia insists she is wearing panties. “Take your skirt off.’ Amelia protests, but that never gets results in these short films. First, the blouse comes off—no bra. Then the skirt comes down to reveal white bikini panties. K. comes on set. Amelia kneels up on a chair, but when K peels down her panties, she blocks the shot.

Handspanking, mild stuff. Then Amelia goes back up the stairs with her panties down, but this normally essential CP film shot is ruined because the set wouldn’t .permit the proper angle.

’more improper dress’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Ariel stands in the sitting room, being criticized for her clothing again. Her white blouse is diaphanous, and she does not wear a bra. Kenworthy demands: “What  you are going to do is take those bloody clothes off.”  Blouse off, black mini skirt dropped, Ariel is down to panties, garters, and nylons. Stripping is what this series is about.

Kenworthy takes her OTK and removes her black panties. Conventional spanking. Hands on head, bare bottom at the fireplace. Ariel is huge and perfect on the screen.

’maid’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Ariel seems to be a maid here. Black outfit, OTK by Miss Kenworthy, red panties down. Hard hairbush. Ariel has been staying out too late. She is late for work, this is not a clean uniform, and Ariel is trying to seduce the man in the house.

‘In the sitting room’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) we didn’t get the provocation, but we like the result. Miss Kenworthy will spank Ariel again, and she slowly strips down to just blackpanties and garters in front of the fireplace, activity Ms. Rutherford does without peer in the CP industry. When Miss K takes her OTK, we see again just how tall she is. Panties down of course, then pose at the fireplace, panties at thighs.

’truant’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Miss K spanks Ariel in the same room. A checked skirt and a green top. Why does Miss K keep checking with the director here? Miss K explains that girls usually get caned for this, but here it will be just OTK.

Skirt up, black panties down, Miss K pins Ariel’s legs with her own. Then the bottom parade at the fireplace.




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