Judges’s Chambers 2 – KELLYPAYNE

1 Mar

F/f; time: 40 minutes

A bit corny, unfortunately our general impression of this producer, but some good moments here, and a serial idea used elsewhere. Kelly Payne herself, with her marvelous New York accent, plays a rather pervy judge. Juliet Davis has been arrested for yet another DUI.

Julie says she is 34 years old, a stringy blonde, and a buxom body we won’t see as much of as we had hoped. Since previous punishments haven’t worked, it is time for “a good hard spanking, old fashioned punishment, and the cane.” Right here in chambers.

After a long scolding, a standard OTK spanking begins. A flash photographer seems to be shooting stills as we go, putting this film back in the era of spanking magazines. When her black slit skirt comes up, no panties! What was she thinking? Low shots, overhead views, mottled bottom, some puss.

Julie stands to remove her skirt and the judge takes this opportunity to strip down to bra and panties herself. Julie kneels on a chair for a strap. Heavier bruising and more strap. After some corner time, then handspanking, time for the cane.

Over the desk, about 20 strokes, harder and harder. Low shots. Julie signs a waiver, dresses and leaves.


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